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January 30, 2006

Count on Hamilton Relay VRS with your D-Link Videophone

From: Hamilton Relay - Jan 30, 2006

Count on Hamilton Relay VRS with your D-Link Videophone!

Already have a D-Link Videophone? You can make a call with Hamilton Relay VRS today!

Simply add Hamilton Relay VRS to your address book!

Here’s how:
From your videophone screen:
1. Click Dial
2. Click Add
3. Name: *Hamilton Relay VRS
4. Enter address:
Once you use Hamilton Relay VRS, you’ll want to count on us every day!

Whether you are calling to close the deal with your business partner, or share the news with family and friends, Hamilton Relay VRS is available every minute of every day. Keeping you connected with those who mean the most to you – That’s Hamilton Relay!

Come on...Make the call. VP: / hearing users call 866-HIP-VRS1 (or 866-447-8771).

About Hamilton Relay
Hamilton offers a variety of services to enhance relay communication including Internet Relay, Video Relay, Wireless Relay and CapTelTM. All services are available at . Hamilton also provides traditional relay services to nine states, the District of Columbia, the Island of Saipan and the Virgin Islands.

About Birnbaum Interpreting Services
Birnbaum Interpreting Services (BIS) is a Deaf-owned and operated corporation that provides sign language interpreting services. BIS provides the highest quality interpreting services to its clients by maintaining a majority of interpreters that are nationally certified. BIS provides Video Relay Services (VRS) through partnership with Hamilton Relay VRS. For more information, visit the BIS website at or call (800) 471-6441 v/TTY.