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January 26, 2006

Bob Turk Speaks To Kids About Cochlear Implants

From: WJZ - Baltimore,MD,USA - Jan 26, 2006

(WJZ) Baltimore, MD Last summer WJZ'S Bob Turk went to doctors to get a life-changing cochlear implant. This week he spoke with a younger group who shares his story.

Bob shares something in common with each of the kids at the Hearing and Speech Agency in Baltimore--cochlear implants. Before his procedure Bob was almost clinically deaf. He explained to the kids how far he's come. "I was having these really bad nightmares about waking up hearing nothing and wondered how was I going to do my job...When I was hooked up, immediately--I felt like I was in a radio booth with a microphone and a head set only hearing myself. It was so crystal clear." said Turk.

Cochlear implants are inserted deep under the skin behind the ear. While on the outside a speech processor picks up sounds, and turns them into signals. These signals are later converted into electrical energy stimulating the cochlea and brain.

Bob's doctor says cochlear implants can really benefit certain children. "Children who are born deaf have a real opportunity to develop their spoken language skills with cochlear implants." says Dr. John Niparko, who's Director of Ear Surgery at Johns Hopkins.

Since 1926, the Hearing and Speech Agency has helped Maryland children and adults with speech language and hearing needs.

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