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December 5, 2005

Poster Featuring Deaf Womyn Tells Stories, is Perfect Holiday Gift

From: Vikee Waltrip - Dec 5, 2005

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Poster Featuring Deaf Womyn Tells Stories, is Perfect Holiday Gift

Swansea, IL [December 5, 2005] –  An inspirational poster featuring hundreds of Deaf womyn from around the world created by a Deaf artist is the perfect gift, says Deaf actress and comedienne Vikee Waltrip. Highlighting pictures of Deaf womyn of all ages from different countries, the 11x17 poster has various words in the background flanked by a deep purple border. “Those words were collected from Deaf men who gave their one-word insights on what a womyn is to them,” Waltrip said. “It’s such an awesome feeling to know that these words come from years of experiences, perspectives and feelings.”

On the poster printed in purple is: I see, I know, I feel, I am… Womyn-Deaf! “The poster idea was conceived at Deaf Way II when I realized how many Deaf womyn around the world were not always recognized for their many achievements,” said Deaf actress and comedienne Vikee Waltrip. “This got me to thinking that it was time to show the world that womyn who are Deaf are part of a large, vibrant group of people with so much to offer.”

First unveiled last June at the Deaf Women United conference in Elliott City, Md., the poster evoked strong responses, said Waltrip. “It’s truly a moving experience to look at each picture and realize that each face holds a story, both of being a womyn and being of Deaf. It literally gives you goosebumps.”

Posters are available in limited quantity. To order a copy of the poster or to preview before ordering, please contact Vikee Waltrip at, or visit and click on the “Many Faces of Deaf Womyn” link at the bottom of the page.

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