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December 8, 2005

Information: Ontario Flu Information now available in American Sign Language

From: for the Record Productions Inc - Dec 8, 2005

Ontario offers flu information in American Sign Language

For the first time ever, public information about influenza and the flu shot is available in American Sign Language. Video clips are posted on the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's website at To go directly to the videos, click here.

Chris Kenopic, former president of the Canadian Association of the Deaf, calls it an important first step in making vital health information available to culturally Deaf people like himself, who's first language is ASL. Joanne Cripps, of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, also welcomed this government initiative, saying it shows how the Internet can be used to break down communication barriers. She hopes government at all levels will follow the lead taken by the Ontario government. Gary Malkowski of the Canadian Hearing Society, who was also the first elected Deaf politician in Canada, called the video clips “excellent” and “a great educational tool”.

To ensure the highest degree of accuracy, the producers of the videos, For the Record Productions Inc., used the services of Deaf interpreter Wayne Nicholson, an ASL-English translator and professor for the ASL-English Interpreter Program at George Brown College in Toronto.

Producer Peter Reynolds explained, "A Deaf interpreter is an ASL expert, and unlike a hearing interpreter can ensure that what is being signed is accurate and understood by as wide a Deaf audience as possible."

Voice-over and sub-titling is also included in each of the clips to make them accessible to the recently deafened, hard of hearing and hearing family members. The text is also provided on the web page.

To view the ASL videos, visit, or click here to go directly to the videos.

For the Record Productions Inc. is an award winning broadcast and non-broadcast video production company located in Toronto. It specializes in working with the Deaf community and People with Disabilities. It is developing a weekly television series in American Sign Language titled Deaf TV. The series pilot aired on OMNI Television.

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