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December 22, 2005

Happy Holidays from Hamilton Relay

From: Hamilton Relay - Dec 22, 2005

HO HO HO….Ellie the Elf here to bring you the latest in Santa news. Santa has been sighted in Idaho, Louisiana, and Kentucky! Hamilton Relay arranged for Santa to visit a little early at the College of Southern Idaho, the LaSalle Elementary School, the Louisiana School for the Deaf, and the Kentucky School for the Deaf. It seems Santa signs!!

Santa was seen with children and adults alike. The children were able to make their final requests, and many adults simply had to have their picture taken with Santa. Hamilton Relay sent home a framed pictures to share with family. In addition, Hamilton Relay provided treats for the children to add a special touch to their day.

At LaSalle Elementary School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Santa and Mrs. Claus were happy to visit the Deaf Education Program. While at the school, Santa noticed a hearing classroom where the teacher was having a difficult day and stopped in to remind the students to be good, for goodness sake.

The Louisiana School for the Deaf was happy to see Santa arrive for their Christmas party. The students enjoyed Santa’s visit, and their parents will be surprised when they receive a picture of their child with Santa.

Mrs. Claus stayed home for the next two trips since the elves were getting behind in orders, but Santa was very popular at the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) student cafeteria as he sat in front of the enormous Christmas tree. Students stopped by to enjoy hot cocoa and talk with Santa. If the truth be told, this elf thinks the adults enjoyed this event as much as the children! Santa had lots of elf helpers at the school who are known to typically masquerade as CSI students most of the year. Hamilton Relay provided treats for all.

Santa paid a second visit to the Boise Valley Deaf Club Christmas Play. Hamilton was there with camera in hand to snap pictures and help Santa pass out candy. Hamilton’s National Account Manager, Patti Durham, also provided interpreting so that everyone had access to hearing the children’s wish list.

Kentucky School for the Deaf looked forward to their day with Santa, and they were not disappointed. Signing Santa sat in a rocking chair waiting to see each child. The students loved hugging Santa and asked lots of questions about the reindeer and Santa’s sleigh. All the children left with a smile on their face and candy in hand. Drew Weldon, Hamilton’s Outreach Coordinator for Kentucky, was no where to be found during Santa’s visit. Maybe he was out feeding the reindeer (wink).

Hamilton Relay will bring Santa down earlier next year to visit even more schools in more states so you better watch out, better not cry, better not pout……Happy Holidays from Hamilton Relay.