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November 2, 2005


From: Swedish National Association of the Deaf - Nov 2, 2005

Swedish sign language magazine one year online.

The Swedish website Teckenwebben produces sing language news covering solely deaf community issues. Every weekday a new report on deaf issues is published and the news cover a wide range of aspects of the deaf community, nationally as well as internationally.

President of the Swedish National Association of the Deaf Lars-Åke WIKSTRÖM says he is overwhelmed about the warm welcome Teckenwebben has received.

“There certainly seem to be an accumulated need for sign language news covering the deaf and hard of hearing community. In a very short period of time we have attracted tens of thousands of visitors, and they keep coming back for more. Fast Internet and powerful personal computers along with the ongoing globalization boosts us into a new era of deaf awareness.”

Available online for the past year, with deaf people passing the word mouth to mouth and hand to hand, Teckenwebben is now on everybody’s lips and fingers. Today the vast majority of the website visitors are from Sweden but with a growing number of sign language users from USA as well as European countries such as United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Germany and Estonia.

Teckenwebben started in 2002 as a project run by the Swedish National Association of the Deaf. (SDR) The project was partly founded by the Swedish government, but as for today Teckenwebben is run by the association alone.

You can visit Teckenwebben at the following address:

Henrik Gouali
kontortel. 08-442 14 64
3G tel. 0735- 13 75 80
mobiltel. 070- 432 567
fax 08-442 14 99
Sveriges Dövas Riksförbund
Box 4194
102 64 Stockholm