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November 2, 2005

Sprint VRS Announcement

From: Sprint Relay - Nov 2, 2005

Sprint Video Relay Service Announcement:

Effective November 1st, Sprint is excited to offer:

* NEW Video Hours: Sprint Video Relay Service will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dial SPRINTVRS.TV through your videophone to make a call using our qualified and experienced Video Interpreters (VI).

* NEW Spanish VRS Service: Sprint will start offering Spanish Video Relay Service. The Spanish-speaking VI will interpreter ASL to Spanish and Spanish to ASL. Now consumers have more than one language to choose from. To connect dial SPANISH.SPRINTVRS.TV

* NEW VRS VCO: Sprint VRS VCO will offer a direct connection with a VCO VI. To connect dial SPRINTVRSVCO.TV. VRS users have three communication options:

* Sign ASL and use your own voice

* Adjust the camera focusing more on the VI's mouth movements during the conversation to support lipreading and also use ASL

* Mouth the conversation and use more English signs to support VCO users.

To view an example of ASL VRS, English VRS and VCO VRS visit View VCO Samples;

* SPRINT VRS Mail: Sprint VRS Mail allows the VI to record the hearing caller's signed message and send to the VRS user's e-mail address. The VI will need the VRS user's IP address, the Sprint VRS Extension number or the caller's ISDN number to attempt to connect with the VRS user. If the caller is not available, the VI will record the sign message and send to the VRS user's e-mail address. To get a LIVE VRS Call from a hearing person,, VRS users need to include their IP address in their profile on .

* UPDATED Website: Visit our updated Sprint VRS website at :

* New and Animated Logo

* Sprint VRS VCO call button

* Sprint Spanish button

* Click on NEWS for information on Sprint VRS mail

Videophone Users:




Webcam Users: and select Spanish or VCO