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October 26, 2005

"The CSD Journey" series - Who Has The Fastest Connection?

From: CSD Community - Oct 26, 2005

The CSD Journey
This series of articles highlights Communication Service for the Deaf's expansion from a one-person operation to the largest deaf-run organization in the world, employing over 3,200 employees in 42 offices.

"Who Has The Fastest Connection?"
On March 31, 2005, CSD launched CSDVRS, its own brand of video relay service (VRS), featuring Bob Jones with his flying tie to emphasize the "Fast Connection!" The national launch marked another CSD milestone by marrying sign language interpreters and technology with high-speed Internet to provide enhanced VRS.

Users found that they could communicate quickly and have seamless conversations through CSDVRS. They were able to use their native language: American Sign Language. Users were also able to interrupt, convey facial expressions and nuances. Demand for VRS intensified as a significant communication alternative for those who are not comfortable using written English. It also became valuable for those who found the physical act of typing on a text telephone to be challenging. It proved to be more convenient for callers on the receiving end, ensuring less idle time and more natural conversation.

CSD utilized its 30 years of experience providing sign language interpreting, telecommunications relay, video relay and call center operations. As VRS pioneers, CSD and long-time partner Sprint sponsored state trials in Texas and Washington. Users note that CSDVRS is friendly and easy to use. CSDVRS Customer Support provides six ways to reach them including "Live Video Support," where users can communicate in sign language. Because CSDVRS is run by deaf and hard of hearing people who use CSDVRS themselves, they understand what the deaf consumer wants and work quickly to implement enhancements and features.

If you have high-speed Internet, you can request a D-Link (i2eye) videophone device through the CSDVRS web site at If you already have a D-Link, you can add "CSDVRS.TV" to your speed dial list.

Long-time partners and community leaders will join C.E.O. Benjamin J. Soukup — along with CSD officers, employees and friends of CSD — at the Sioux Falls Convention Center in South Dakota on Friday, Oct. 28 to commemorate CSD's 30th anniversary. A new book, "Seeing A Need," will be launched during the banquet. Event information is available at