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October 3, 2005

Sprint Relay Provides Continuous Support to Hurricane Recovery Efforts

From: Sprint - Oct 3, 2005

Sprint Relay Provides Continuous Support to Hurricane Recovery Efforts

As you’ve probably seen in the news, Sprint has been very involved in the hurricane recovery efforts. This includes not only working very hard to restore wireless and wireline services for its customers in the Gulf Coast region, but also through a number of contributions, both cash and telecommunications equipment. Through donated wireless phones, pre-paid calling cards, meals for relief workers and cash contributions, Sprint Nextel, its foundation and employees have contributed cash and in-kind donations worth more than $6.5 million for the individuals and communities across the Gulf Coast region, as well as for evacuees around the country.

The Sprint Relay team also has provided substantial support for the deaf and hard of hearing community by providing a variety of equipment and services to help those displaced by the hurricane communicate with their loved ones. Specifically:

* Our Federal Relay team is continuously working with FEMA and Dept. of Homeland Security to determine the relay communications needs at shelters across the Gulf coast.

* Sprint worked with partner, Ultratec Inc., to donate 20 CapTel phones for shelters in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, which have been programmed to access the Federal CapTel system. They also provided 10 CapTel phones for the Louisiana School for the Deaf and the Deaf Services Center in Baton Rouge

* Sprint donated four TTY devices for shelters in Alabama.

* Sprint worked with the Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation (ITAC) to donate 100 TTYs for distribution to qualifying individuals by the Louisiana Deaf Services Center in Baton Rouge.

* Sprint worked with partner, CSD, to install videophones at the Houston Astrodome, as well as other shelters in Austin, Dallas and Houston. These have been configured to connect with the Federal Video Relay system.

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