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October 11, 2005

Press Release: Being part of Deaf Internet History!

From: DeafMillionDollarHomePage - Oct 11, 2005

Press Release:

Scottsdale, Arizona, United State of America Oct 10, 2005 -- A Brand new website has been launched for Deaf only! Very imagine one million pixels for sale and all they need do is surfing to pick out what they want to buy! This page is only our Deaf community to come together into cyberspace internet and we guarantee that will be continue running for 5 year from Oct 10th, 2005 until October 10, 2010 but we aimed for much beyond in the future. Your ads will remains there for 5 years and every visitors on this earth will come our site very often and explored the most fascinated Deaf Community Ads!

Everyone Deaf people can purchase pixels and then will display an image/link or logo. When clicked, it will open new window to view your website!

Most importantly, we are the FIRST Deaf in the world to see like this! As it will be very special and very important piece of Deaf Internet History! We welcomed you to visit our site and hopefully that you will be part of Deaf Internet History. It's not too late! We launched it 24 hours ago!

Finally, if you are asking "how much for a pixel?" Pretty cheap.. only $1.00 per pixel!

To buy pixels,

For any question concern of payment issues, please contact

For any general question, contact

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