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October 18, 2005

Performers and Artists Donate Works to Website; Funds Raised to Assist Deaf and Hard of Hearing Survivors

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Performers and Artists Donate Works to Website; Funds Raised to Assist
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Survivors

[October 18, 2005] – As Hurricane Katrina affected so many lives earlier this year, comedienne Vikee Waltrip was riveted to the television set along with everyone else in the nation. "I kept thinking, 'What can I do? How can I help? I don't have much to offer.' But then I realized that I had many friends and colleagues who felt the same way," she said. "So I had the idea to somehow pool our talents and do something to help."

Out of that grew, a website that showcases deaf and hard of hearing performers and artists' donated works. "People will be able to come to this website, choose from the many options for entertainment we have, and make a donation of any amount in order to watch or view these works," Waltrip explained. "It's equivalent to hearing artists or musicians holding benefits or concerts to help raise money for different causes. Only, for us, we're doing it virtually, and it's for disasters of all types, not just people affected by Hurricanes Katrina or Rita."

Renowned artists and actors who have committed to donating works include Bernard Bragg, Chuck Baird, TOYS Theatre, Wild Zappers, Betty G. Miller, Beethoven's Nightmare, Peter Cook, and many more. "Our team has been astounded by the generosity of our fine performers and artists, and we're really excited about being able to assist survivors in this way."

The website was established primarily to generate funds to go to organizations, agencies, and/or schools working directly with individuals or families affected in the event of a major disaster or emergency. "Our focus, and responsibility, is on the humanitarian aspect. We work diligently to ensure that all donations go towards the survivors receiving the kind of care they need, such as clothes, food, medication, and housing," said Waltrip. "Our primary goal is to ensure that these survivors receive accessible communication, and this is achieved with financial donations. And we're grateful that the National Association of the Deaf has agreed to collaborate with us."

All proceeds, which are tax-deductible, will go towards a special fund administered by the National Association of the Deaf, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

"Even with time moving on and survivors slowly finding places to live and reclaiming their things, they still need all the assistance they can get," Waltrip said. "This is just a small way that we can help our community and the survivors get back on their feet."

The website is at

The Team:

Andy Anderson, fiscal officer
Danny Barrett, DeafBlind consultant and Sprint account manager, Sprint Relay
C.M. Boryslawskyj, web designer, Spiral Shell Web, LLC
Brendan Gilbert and Grant W. Laird, Jr., technical gurus, Crazy Technologies, LLC
Larry Littleton, consultant, disaster and emergency preparation, CERT (Kauai)
Tim Smith and Jeremy Porter, technical gurus,, LLC
Trudy Suggs, publicist, T.S. Writing Services, LLC
Vikee Waltrip, project coordinator

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