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October 23, 2005

News about DVD VP & VRS

From: Pinky - Oct 23, 2005


My name is Pinky Aiello. I have made a DVD about Video Relay Service interpreting that I think you will find useful for your interpreting students.

I know it is difficult to teach students about VRS because of confidentiality laws and the propriety information of the various companies protecting their technology. I believe you will find this DVD useful in giving your students the idea of VRS without having to worry about these issues. This DVD can be a tool to give your students a taste of some of the challenges for interpreters and some of the issues for Deaf consumers.

To view a short clip from my DVD check my website at

If you have received this information previously, please excuse me.If you would like to share this information with friends and colleagues please feel free to pass this on. I've included below my order form below for your convenience.




Pinky Tells the Real Story
Videophone & Video Relay Service

In this series of dramatized vignettes, Pinky explores the world of video relay interpreting from both the Deaf and interpreter perspectives with her own special brand of humor. Use this DVD to:

- learn about the challenges of VRS
- see what "the other side" experiences
- explore the issues

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