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October 6, 2005

Info about the World Theatre Festival, in Los Angeles Oct 6-23, 2005/Toronto Deaf Film Festival

From: Dhhreport (WRAD) - Oct 6, 2005

The WRAD Office now has a videophone and our telephone number is 661-943-8879.
We also have our website and you can visit us at
We have exciting news and activities for the deaf and hard of hearing community listed on the WRAD website including the Halloween Costume Ball. Come visit us soon.
From: (Kim Glann)

I am volunteering with the Edge of the World Theatre Festival, which is taking place October 6-23 at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, in downtown Los Angeles. With simultaneous programming in multiple spaces, EdgeFest 2005 promises to be the most adventurous Festival yet.

This year, for the first time, we are offering sign language interpreted shows. Also, Theatres 1, 2, 3 and 4 are equipped with a limited number of Assisted Listening Devices.

Below is a brief recap of the shows which will be sign language interpreted:

Ripper's Last Log - Oct 9 @ 3:15 pm
On January 12, 2003, twelve people entered an internet chatroom and began to watch 21-year-old Brandon Vedas' webcam. This is the transcribed log of what happened during the last hour of Brandon's life. 55 Minutes. World Premiere.

Over the Edge - Oct 9 @ 3:15 pm
PaduaLab presents the latest in the development of three short plays by award-winning writer/directors Sharon Yablon, Wesley Walker and Guy Zimmerman. 90 minutes.

Creature / Creations - Oct 9 @ 5:15 pm
Expressionistic Political Fable Creature / Creations Examines Responsibility and Delusion in Oppressive Times: Once upon a very terrible time, a Woman coped with the slaughter of her friends and family by turning herself into a Hen… 70 minutes. West Coast Premiere.

Slut - Oct 9 @ 7:15 pm
Is Matilda a hooker, nympho, goddess -- or just a Slut? Find out when she's arrested for running a brothel. 60 minutes. U.S. Premiere.

The Vaudevillians - Oct 9 @ 7:15 pm
A rollicking tribute to vaudeville, featuring jugglers, ventriloquists, Shakespearean tragedians, magicians and more. All performed at breakneck speed by two former circus clowns. 90 minutes. Los Angeles Premiere.

Melancholia - Oct 9 @ 9:15 pm
Dead soldiers return from war... Some are in coffins and some walk among us. How does killing another human being dehumanize the human spirit? 90 minutes. World Premiere.

Beneath the Veil - Oct 19 @ 8:15 pm
Women with hidden faces: some forced into compliance to survive, others celebrate the serenity of an ancient custom. All the stories are based in fact. 85 minutes. World Premiere.

How to Feel Safe in the Suburbs - Oct 19 @ 8:15 pm
When Janet hires an expert to terror-proof her home, she finally learns the difference between an imaginary and genuine threat in this award-winning dark comedy. 40 Minutes. World Premiere.

Let me know if you have any questions, 310-993-5738.


There is more exciting developments coming soon near you!

Toronto International Deaf Film and Arts Festival, May 10-14th, 2006.
Hosted by: Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf (OCSD)

For interested sponsors, email us at

We are looking for Deaf artists.
Contact: Kelly Halligan at

Hope to see you at the Festival!