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October 10, 2005

FW: Deaflympics Leaders.....

From: William Schyman - Oct 10, 2005

October 10, 2005
attention: Mr. Jean Laurent Bourquin
              IOC Sports Manager
Dear Mr. Bourquin:
This past September 6th you sent me your e-mail message-reply, which was also e-mailed to  Ms. Ammons, the Deaflympics President.
In my August 28, 2005 letter to your IOC Executive Board and President, I raised the issue of the alleged Deaflympics Congress election voting fraud held recently in Australia.
Regretfully, to this minute, I have not received any response from Ms. Ammons at all.
You wrote to say that the "IOC does not interfere with Recognized Organization's internal matters."
However, I must educate the IOC Executive Board and you that there is a wide consensus in our deaf community that since the IOC is funding the Deaflympics organization in some way, the IOC should do something with the questionable and unethical conduct of some top leaders of the Deaflympics organization.
Everyone in the deaf sports world, let me reiterate, looks up at the IOC as "a big brother," therefore, the IOC is also part of life of the deaf sports world.
I received reliable information that the IOC gave to the Deaflympics its financial assistance in the amount of $110,083.00 in 2002, $112,601.00 in 2003 and this year it was about $130,000.00.
Is it a logical, justified and appropriate manner for the IOC to provide financial assistance to an international sports organization such as the Deaflympics while the leaders  of that same Deaflympics organization are engaged in their acts of anarchism, election fraud, manipulation and deception before the whole world?
I write this follow up letter to you because I am very concerned about the way the present Deaflympics leaders conduct their business in the organization in general as well as the present and future status of the international deaf sports in particular.
As a  former basketball player of world-class stature and deaf sports advocate ( plus I was named as one of GREAT DEAF AMERICANS in the 511-paged book published by the two authors in the USA - Matthew Scott Moore and Robert F. Panara in 1996 ), all my life was and is still dedicated to the betterment and advancement of the deaf sports.
In light of the above, I do again ask your people to take appropriate action, including requesting Ms. Ammons to provide detailed explanation as to what actually happened with the 2005 Deaflympics Congress elections.
Sincerely Yours,
William Schyman,
Deaf Sports Advocate
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA ( see below )

P.S. I am also e-mailing to you ( see below ) the latest, October 5, 2005 story published in the DEAFBASE online magazine, in which Mr. Jordan, the only deaf Olympic Order holder, denies his role in the election voting fraud.

( Deaf Today note: That story can be found here )