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September 19, 2005

Sorenson Communications Donates Sorenson VP-100 Videophones to Assist Deaf Katrina Victims; Matches Employee Contributions to Red Cross Relief Effort

From: Sorenson Communications - Sep 19, 2005

For Release: 09-19-2005

Sorenson Communications Donates Sorenson VP-100 Videophones to Assist Deaf Katrina Victims; Matches Employee Contributions to Red Cross Relief Effort

Sorenson Communications' American Sign Language Interpreters Also Volunteer Time and Talents to Disaster Relief Efforts

SALT LAKE CITY (September 19, 2005) - Sorenson Communications™, the nation's leading provider of video relay services (VRS) and equipment for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, today announced that the company has donated Sorenson VP-100® videophones to serve the communication needs of deaf survivors of Hurricane Katrina and is matching employee contributions to the Red Cross relief effort.

The Sorenson VP-100 videophones were installed in many key locations in close proximity to Katrina survivors including in Baton Rouge at the Louisiana School for the Deaf and the Disaster Relief Area at the Catholic Deaf Center, at KellyUSA in San Antonio, and at the Austin Convention Center. Organizations wishing to obtain a free Sorenson VP-100 videophone for use by deaf victims of Katrina can contact Sorenson Communications by e-mail at

"The Sorenson VP-100 videophones are the preferred method of communication for a significant majority of deaf individuals in the U.S., said Rebecca Smith, southern regional interpreting director for Sorenson Communications. "Using these videophones, deaf individuals are able to place point-to-point calls to other individuals who use sign language and video relay calls through Sorenson VRS to hearing family members, friends, business colleagues, and support service providers."

Sorenson Communications is also providing significant local support for Katrina survivors, including donating on-site interpreting services. The company has a strong presence in the Gulf region with interpreting centers in Baton Rouge, Houston, Austin, and Dallas/Fort Worth. Many Sorenson Communications interpreters from these and other centers are also volunteering their time to provide in-person interpreting services for deaf evacuees in shelters and other locations to obtain needed information and support.

In addition, Sorenson Communications' employees are contributing a portion of their salaries to the Red Cross hurricane relief fund. The company is matching these funds, doubling the total contribution to the Red Cross.

"We commend the efforts of the many wonderful Sorenson Communications employees who are volunteering so much of their time, talent, and resources to improve the lives of survivors of Hurricane Katrina," said James Lee Sorenson, CEO of Sorenson Communications. "All of us at Sorenson Communications are fully committed to providing continuing support to those affected by this disaster, as they courageously work to rebuild their lives."

About Sorenson Communications

Sorenson Communications ( is a provider of industry-leading communication offerings including the Sorenson Video Relay Service (VRS), Sorenson IP Relay (siprelay), and the Sorenson videophones. Sorenson VRS enables deaf and hard-of-hearing callers to conduct video relay conversations through a qualified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter. Sorenson IP Relay allows users to place text-based relay calls from either a mobile device or a PC to any telephone user. The company's line of Sorenson videophones are the only customized videophones with auto-updating technology, which include the latest video communication features for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

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