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September 17, 2005

Movie "The Tunnel"

From: Dhhreport (WRAD) - Sep 17, 2005

Last night I saw a German film called " The Tunnel"
It was a very powerful film that lasted about 3 hours.
Try to see it but it is to my understanding that starting on October 4th you can see it on DVD. Do not miss it!!!!!

The film was about a East German swimmer that escaped to the West ( Berlin) and hatched a very good plan to rescue his family in East Germany in the 1960s before the Wall came down between East and West Germany. It is a true story and the film was well made.

I saw the film in Los Angeles and is playing at the Fairfax Theatre on Beverly Blvd until next Thursday. See the film if you are in Los Angeles.

The film is German with English subtitles. The film has very strong performances and is a suspense thriller! Try to see it if you can.

Bruce Gross
WRAD, Inc. President/ CEO