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September 7, 2005

Katrina: Special Notice From Advanced Bionics

From: Advanced Bionics - Sep 7, 2005

Katrina has dealt a devastating blow to our friends, family, coworkers and customers in the South. Advanced Bionics employees are saddened by the devastation and loss. Further, we are concerned about the power needs of our Clarion and HiResolution Bionic Ear system users and want to ensure that they are able to stay "on-the-air." For those patients or clinics in the impacted area, Advanced Bionics will do what we can to assist. Temporary power solutions, car chargers or replacement charging units are available to those who do not have power or their charging equipment.

For anyone who has been affected by Hurricane Katrina and has relocated to Raleigh North Carolina area, The University of North Carolina has offered to assist patients in any way possible. Please contact Carolyn Brown at the North Carolina Children's Communication Disorders Program at 919-419-1409 for more information.

For assistance, contact Customer Service:
800-678-2575 ext. 2101 (V), 800-678-3575 (TTY), 661-362-1518 (Fax)