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September 1, 2005

DEAF TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Bluetooth and a New Relay Toolbar

From: i711 Relay - Sept 1, 2005


NEW BITS, BYTES, AND BAUDOT by Lisa Goldstein - What exactly is "Bluetooth" and why is everyone so excited about it? Lisa Goldstein provides an overview of Bluetooth technology and a review of an innovative new application that wirelessly connects hearing-aid wearers to Bluetooth cell phones. See Bits, Bytes, and Baudot, new this week on
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NEW RELAY TOOLBAR INTRODUCED. this week announced a Relay Toolbar for people who use Internet Explorer on Windows. The free download installs in seconds and lets users make one-click, relay calls from ANY web site. Details are available at
[You do not need to be registered to download and use the toolbar.]

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Use for all your relay calls: Better call experience.
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