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August 29, 2005

Relay in ONE click :: The new Toolbar - Free

From: i711 Relay - Aug 29, 2005

NEW Take accessible web surfing to the next level with the NEW Toolbar with ClickRelay(tm). The free download adds one-click relay calling to your browser, and lets you make relay calls from ANY web site you visit. Look what else can you can do in one click:

* Type any phone number into the toolbar and dial it with one click.
* Automatically highlight every phone number on ANY web page. Click a phone number to instantly dial it with relay. No numbers to cut, paste or memorize.
* Drop down the Speed Dial list and dial any phone number on it with one click. Your Speed Dial list follows you wherever you surf.
* One-click access to the Phone Book and the latest articles in's Community section.

Don't have time for lots of extra clicks? Download the Toolbar with ClickRelay to take the convenience of relay calls with you wherever you surf.
Visit and start your download . . . with just one click :O)

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