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July 13, 2005 DEAF EMPLOYMENT NEWS: Starting your own business

From: i711 Relay - Jul 13, 2005


NEW EMPLOYMENT MATTERS by Kevin McLeod -- The thought has probably occurred to every unhappy deaf worker. "I've had enough. I'm done with working for other people. It's time to start my own business!" For those with the determination, the drive, the energy and ambition, it's happening, right now.

CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES by Trudy Suggs -- When is a doctor not a doctor? Trudy Suggs looks at the honorary doctorate and proper use of the "Dr." title in this week's column.

BITS, BYTES, AND BAUDOT by Lisa Goldstein -- Originally developed for the Deaf community, closed captioning is now providing some interesting capabilities to a wider audience. Take a look at a new online technology trend that is good for all of us.

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