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July 18, 2005

Elsevier Announces the Publication of the Handbook to Service the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

From: Elsevier - Jul 18, 2005

San Diego, Calif - July 15, 2005 - Elsevier is pleased to announce the recent publication of Handbook to Service the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: A Bridge to Accessibility by John W. Adams (the Family Center of Western New York, Buffalo, USA) and Pamela Rohring (St. Mary's School for the Deaf, Buffalo, New York, USA).

* Chapters containing research and practical information on understanding the primary issues affecting the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people

* Unique perspectives from Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing professionals relative to such topics as language development, Deaf Culture, medical advances in technology, literature, art and drama in the Deaf Community and growing up with a hearing loss

* Illustrations and artwork presented throughout the book were created by renown deaf artists

* Recommended best practices are offered on how to provide community accessibility to deaf and hard of hearing individuals

This is a handbook for readers who wish to learn more about providing services to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. It provides basic knowledge of Deaf Culture and the hard of hearing population, the aesthetics of American Sign Language, and an awareness of hearing loss and its influence on family and community life. This is a unique book in that it draws from the experiences of a Deaf (Rohring) and a hearing (Adams) author, providing a comprehensive perspective. It draws upon research and literature, from professional practice, and from anecdotal accounts. Handbook to Service the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is an essential resource for college training programs, hospitals, health care agencies, hearing and speech centers, school districts, educational agencies, and any one working with or employing deaf or hard of hearing persons.

About the Authors:
John W. Adams, Ph.D., is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and he obtained his masters and doctoral degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He is a licensed psychologist and co-founder and director of The Family Center of Western New York, a mental health clinic for Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing individuals. He has worked with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities through research and practice for over 21 years. He is the author of You and Your Hearing Impaired Child and You and Your Deaf Child (Gallaudet University Press).

Pamela Rohring is a graduate of Gallaudet University and she obtained her masters degree from Canisius College in Deaf Education. She is the Teacher of Science Education at St. Mary's School for the Deaf in Buffalo, New York, and she is an ASL and Deaf Studies consultant. Her main areas of professional interest include Deaf Culture, teaching and the study of ASL, and child development.

2005, Hardback 272 pp., USD 59.95/GBP 38.95/EUR 57.95, ISBN: 0-12-044141-1


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