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June 18, 2005

Treasurer position needed for the WRAD Executive Board

From: Dhhreport (wrad) - Jun 18, 2005

Hello All!

We are actively looking for a Treasurer position of the WRAD Board's Executive Committee.

If you wish to know our mission statement and goals of the WRAD, Inc. organization, please visit our website at or contact me at

Job Description and Qualification for the Treasurer position:

Treasurer- Must have background in accounting, knowledge of corporate finance, ability to use computerized accounting systems, and one term minimum experience serving as Treasurer or Accountant of another or same nonprofit organization. Responsible for all Board financial matters, reports on time to the WRAD, Inc. Board on financial status including preparing the forms every year for the IRS as we are a non-profit tax exempt . Maintains records on Board finances. Performs other duties as assigned by WRAD and the particular Board of Directors.

Please let me know ( or or before July 1st if you are interested to become the Treasurer of WRAD, Inc.
Kindly send your resume or a job vite about your background and past or current experience as an Accountant or a Treasurer.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bruce Gross, WRAD, Inc. President- CEO