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June 19, 2005

SHHH-LA June Meeting Information

From: SHHH-LA - Jun 19, 2005


Come and join us at this month’s meeting and check out the area’s most active social and support group for adults with hearing loss.
(Friends, family, loved ones & curious onlookers are welcome, too!)

June 25 (fourth Saturday of every month)
10am - Noon
301 E. Del Mar in Pasadena
(Meeting entrance is through the back door)

For the June meeting a friend of Chloe's will be our speaker: Ernie Barojas is going to talk to us about growing up as a child of parents with a hearing loss.

For the July meeting we have a speaker lined up! Christine Coleman from Hope for Hearing, will speak on "The Psychology of Hearing Loss".

You are welcome you to join us and share your thoughts. Refreshments will be served! Hope to see you there!

NOTE: All meetings will be captioned. The captioned notes from our monthly meetings are available at

You are welcome you to join our Yahoo Groups list serve:

We have a very chatty list serve, you can go to the link now and read posted messages even if you don’t join the list serve. If you do join the list serve you can go to files and read the meeting transcripts and steering committee minutes.

Get involved NOW!

We're planning our very first SHHH-LA garage sale in order to raise some funds.

It will be July 16th, at Danny and Katherine's house in Glendale, from around 8:00-3:00. We're going to advertise it and hope we get a lot of action. We'll also be selling sodas and water.

If you'd like to help out, just show up at our house any time after 7:00 am. Or, if you have some good junk, or treasures you'd like to sell, just bring them by. You can bring to the next meeting at the Hear Center (June 25th), or bring to our house either Friday night or early Saturday. If you need to make other arrangements to drop things off, please email me privately at

All are welcome to participate, but if you can't stay, we can still sell your items for you. We will be calling a charity to pick up all leftover items at 5:00, so if you want to check on the things that didn't sell, come back by between 3:00-5:00.

We think it will be a really good day, not just a chance to do some fundraising, but also to raise awareness in the community. We'll have flyers about our group there as well.

We'll discuss it further at the meeting, but just wanted to give you a heads up in case you wanted to bring your items to the meeting.

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Any Questions? Feel free to e-mail me or:

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