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June 24, 2005


From: McLaren - Jun 24, 2005

Dear friends and colleagues
Last time we communicated with you was to inform you of the great news about the deaf television series, 'Handspeak'. There was a very warm response from many of you. I was preparing another package of the latest CHIPAWO news for you and I wanted to tell you about Nyasha Nyamwanza, the deaf producer and anchor on the show. She was interviewed on national news, on BBC World Service and her achievement was posted on I wanted to tell you about the launch. I had already started trying to communicate with Gaudillet University in the States about Nyasha being awarded a Deaf Leadership Fellowship.

Now all is in vain. We cannot believe it. We are in a state of shock. Nyasha passed away today.

She had to go into the studio last night as the programme had developed a couple of problems. She developed a headache and went home. The next morning she was taken to the hospital where they diagnosed menengitis. By lunchtime she was dead. Just as she was poised to reap the harvest of her bravery and dedication.

I thought I should share this with you as so many of you expressed interest in her work.

Robert McLaren
Executive Director