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June 30, 2005


From: DeafTV.Net - Jun 30, 2005

DeafTV.Net is a free site featuring deaf-accessible videos.

That means they may be in ASL, or subtitled, or silent, or feature deaf performers, like the latest addition - a video of a troupe of Chinese deaf dancers, led by the lovely Tai Lihua.

DeafTV.Net has been under development for a couple of months now. It still has room for improvement, it's about ready for the general public.

Videos are directly linked from the images. If you click on the link and get a mess of funny characters instead of a video, try right-clicking on the video to download it and then play it with a video player on your system.

Also - you can create your own "channels" and post your own videos. Check out the Build Your Channel link at the top left to start. If you'd simply like to share one video or share a link to a video with others, use the Front Page News link.

You are invited to check out the site and leave feedback on any problems you run into and how you think it could be improved.

It's time for the deaf community to build it's own TV network!

The attachment is a DeafTV logo image file in PNG format.

- Kevin McLeod