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June 21, 2005

Deaf Seniors of America Conference

From: Deaf Seniors of America - Jun 21, 2005

Deaf Seniors of America Conference Exhibits

With over 2,200 registered for the Deaf Seniors of America Conference to be held August 31-September 4 at the Hilton San Francisco things are gearing up as an exhibition hall with booths for exhibitors to promote their services and products approaches the last of the early bird discount deadlines, June 30. After that date, full fees will be required up to July 29th.

Conference sponsors include: American Association of Retired Persons, California (AARP); Anonymous (3); Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD); Deaf Counseling, Advocacy & Referral Agency (DCARA); Gallaudet University; Hands On Video Relay Service (HOVRS); MCI; Merrill Lynch; National Technical Institute for the Deaf; Ohlone College; San Francisco Club for the Deaf (SFCD); Schwarz Financial Services; Sorenson; Sprint; Donald and Lois Bullock and Ronald and Kay Hirano.

There will plenty of events to please a heart's content such as a reception, banquet, luncheon, forum, general meeting, entertainment, 105 workshops/presentations, panels, arts and crafts, club skits, card games, driving classes, chess tournament, religious services and a cybercafé.

Also planned are pre-convention activities, August 29-31, which include a golf tournament, many sightseeing tours and a tour of the recently opened Fremont Oak Gardens residential apartments with amenities for deaf senior citizens.

The Conference is hosted by Bay Area Coalition of Deaf Senior Citizens, a 501(c)3 organization of 500 members. Please visit its website:

For more information about exhibits, click on SF-2005 DSA, then SF 2005 Exhibitor Inquiry Form to fill out and receive more information or:

Larry Obray
DSA SF-2005 Exhibits
17740 Crother Hills Road
Meadow Vista CA 95722
TTY/FAX: 530.878.3941

Larry E. Obray
DSA SF2005 Exhibits
17740 Crother Hills Road
Meadow Vista CA 95722
TTY/FAX: 530.878.3941