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June 27, 2005

Deaf Palestinians use Jawwal SMS messenger as a means of communication

From: Palestine News Network, Palestine - Jun 27, 2005

Amin Abu Wardeh, Nablus 1:00 pm 27.06.05

Deaf and mute Palestinians are using Jawwal mobile telephones to send SMS messages as a means of communication, according to the Deaf Association in Nablus. It seems that most of the deaf people in the community and specifically in the Nablus officies set their Jawwal mobile on vibrator mode to be alerted to messages.

Deaf Association President, Galeb Mansour, uses sign language while his mobile continuously receives SMS from members of the association. He also uses SMS messages to ask hearing-impaired employees to join meetings or participate in various activities.

Fatema Mansour, Um Shadi, told PNN that the idea of using mobile phones came after deaf son Shadi died. Israeli occupation forces killed her son while his friends tried to shout warnings that occupation forces were invading the area. He did not hear them, and Israeli soldiers shot and killed him.

The Central Committee for Rehabilitation asked the Jawwal Network to give mobile phones to deaf Palestinians. In turn, Jawwal offered 400 mobiles to the deaf, and has promised more for the future.

Galeb Mansour told PNN that the utilisation of SMS messaging has increased the mental capacities of the deaf through stimulation, communication, and usage of faculties. This is greatly increasing their chance of integration into society at large.

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