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May 6, 2005

Deaf players in volleyball tourney

From: Fiji Times - Fiji - May 6, 2005

(Friday, May 06, 2005) Serevi Roko will manage the Flock team of deaf players to the first Under-19 volleyball tournament.

Flock meets Vatuwaqa in its first game this morning. This tournament coincides with the National Youth Public Holiday at the FMF Dome.

Twenty teams will meet in this competition over two days.

Fiji Volleyball Federation president Elesi Ketedromo said they were pleased to have the deaf boys from the Fiji Disabled Association.

"Fiji volleyball was actively involved in the preparations of this team to the Deaflympics earlier this year. Their participating is a continuation of our support for the group," Ketedromo said.

Some of the players competed at the 2005 Deaflympics early this year. She said the competition targeted the Under-19 age group as part of Fiji volleyball's plans of strengthening its juniors program.

"The intention is that within the next five years, Fiji volleyball will hold regular Under-15 and Under-17 competitions with the concept to be expanded to the north and west," Ketedromo said.

"The response from our young athletes has been exceptional.

"Fiji volleyball is also grateful to our corporate sponsors, whose support in the past tournaments have enabled us to host this tournament.

"The Red Beard team stands out as the top rated team as it comprises of players from the champion Raiwai Under-19 team. On the same token, competition will be provided from Brotherhood."

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