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May 25, 2005

Deaf, Hearing Impaired, or Hard of Hearing? Cultural Perspectives on

From: i711 Relay - May 25, 2005


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Hearing impaired? Deaf? Hard of hearing? How you identify yourself reflects a personal preference. Unfortunately, these labels usually are applied by others who invariably get them wrong. Trudy Suggs explores how we identify ourselves, and the labels we pick up from others in the latest edition of her column, "Cultural Perspectives", new this week on

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* Technology: Movie theaters have had captioning options for years. But what about museums, live theater, concerts or other public events? Lisa Goldstein looks at the latest in personal captioning technology, and takes a peek at a solution that may take accessibility to the next level for public events.

* Employment Matters: Many sites publish listings for jobs specifically for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. But which sites are useful? Which sites need work? "Employment Matters" summarizes the good, the average, and the out-of-date.

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