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May 10, 2005

Advance hearing aid for two city kids

From: Chennai Online - Chennai,India - May 10, 2005

Chennai, May 10: Two children, aged between two and six years, have been implanted with the latest cochlear machines, thus becoming the first in Asia to have this device embedded near their ears.

The Madras ENT Research Foundation (MERF), pioneers in cochlear implants in the city, yesterday implanted 'nucleas freedom', the most advanced cochlear implant developed by Cochlear Corporation of Australia, a government company, and the world leaders in cochlear technology.

"Nucleas Freedom is the most advanced cochlear implant systems to be developed in the world. It incorporates several new features including vastly improved hearing by which even a whisper can be heard by the recipient," Dr Mohan Kameswaran, renowned ENT surgeon and Chairman, MERF, told a news conference here this evening.

Costing over Rs nine lakh, the Nucleas Freedom also offered protection from rain and perspiration and was free from 'MRI' disturbances.

"Even at the operation table, the surgeon will be able to tell whether this device has started working in an implantee," Mohan said adding it was at least 50 per cent sturdier than the now available cochlear implants costing nearly Rs.five lakh, also imported from Australia.

The two hearing impaired children, who underwent the surgery yesterday, would be discharged tomorrow and they would be having normal hearing after about ten days, thanks to the quantum leap in cochlear technology, he said. (Agencies)

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