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April 8, 2005

Urgent; more information needed on Robert Berry

From: - Apr 8, 2005

It is very URGENT !  Please contact with Dective Eric Christopher.
Thank you, everyone that responded to my first posting. Robert Berry is still in custody with his bail set at $500,000.00.

The information that you have provided is invaluable. To anyone that has not come forward yet, I encourage you to contact your local law enforcement agencies and make a report.

Also please contact me at:, you can verify my identity as a peace officer by contacting the Butte County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center at (530) 538-7321.

I am here asking for additional critical information from everyone, even victims that I have already talked to.

I am trying to create a timeline of Berry's residences and activities. I need the following information emailed to me by each of Berry's victim's or former housemates:

Date of Birth:
Phone number:

1. How and when (exact date if possible) did you meet Berry?

2. When did Berry live with you (date he moved in if possible)?

3. Where did Berry live with you (complete address if possible?)

4. What was your relationship with Berry?

5. What were Berry's activities while he lived with you (please be as brief as possible?)

6. Did Berry have a job?

7. Did Berry commit any criminal acts?

8. Did Berry borrow or steal any money or medications from you or others?

9. Do you know if Berry exploited or victimized any children?

10. Did Berry possess or view any pornography (If so what was the source of the pornography?)

11. Did Berry use your computer or email?

12. Did Berry allow strangers come to your home or introduce you to people you did not know (can you provide names or identities of these people?)

13. Did Berry receive mail at your home (If so what type, letters, packages, etc?)

14. Did you report any of Berry's actions to law enforcement (If so, which agency and do you have a case number or contact person?)

15. When did Berry leave or stop living with you (exact date if possible)?

16. Why did Berry leave or stop living with you?

17. Where did Berry go to live next (if you know)?

18. Did Berry take anything with him or did you notice anything missing after he left (list of exact items)?

Please feel free to use this posting as a template, answer the questions, and email it to me at:

I know this looks like a lot of information, but it is important. I am expanding my investigation and the FBI will be looking into Berry's activities.

Thank you for your time and your assistance.

Detective Eric Christopher
Butte County Sheriff's Office
Special Victims Unit