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April 17, 2005

SHHH-LA April Meeting Information

From: SHHH-LA - Apr 17, 2005


Come and join us at this month’s meeting and check out the area’s most active social and support group for adults with hearing loss.
(Friends, family, loved ones & curious onlookers are welcome, too!)

April 23rd (fourth Saturday of every month)
10am - Noon
301 E. Del Mar in Pasadena
(Meeting entrance is through the back door)

The MARCH 26th Meeting was great! Our speaker for this meeting was: LORRAINE FANIZZA, and she talked about Loop/T-Coil Technology. We had a fun time socializing and eating Easter treats, we had quite a large turnout!

The April meeting will be a group discussion on: "Things in our lives that worried us but then turned out well", (what our successes have been) in the hoh and deaf world.

***MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND*** The MAY meeting will be a group discussion on: "Being HOH or deafened doesn't mean it's quiet!" Tinnitus, what is it and how do we deal with it? This meeting will be located at Alicia and Mike's home in Monrovia. The meeting will be followed by a potluck BBQ!!! Hope to see you all there! More details to come!

For the July meeting we have a speaker lined up! Christine Coleman from Hope for Hearing, will speak on "The Psychology of Hearing Loss".

You are welcome you to join us and share your thoughts. Refreshments will be served! Hope to see you there!

NOTE: All meetings will be captioned. The captioned notes from our monthly meetings are available at

You are welcome you to join our Yahoo Groups list serve:

We have a very chatty list serve, you can go to the link now and read posted messages even if you don’t join the list serve. If you do join the list serve you can go to files and read the meeting transcripts and steering committee minutes.
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