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April 12, 2005

Tony Martin attacks growing Liberal HRSDC scandal

From: LTVNEWS.COM, Canada - Apr 12, 2005

Tuesday, April 12 2005, 5:03PM

The latest scandal at HRSDC threatens community employment training programs across Canada, NDP MP Tony Martin said today amid reports of government intimidation of community agencies and public servants.

Martin cited the "lunacy" of the Liberal government in trying to give a $177,000 contract for employment services for the hard of hearing, deaf and deafened community in Sault Ste. Marie to the Ontario March of Dimes instead of the area Canadian Hearing Society.

"The Ontario March of Dimes say they were approached by HRSDC to take over the contract. They agreed but later withdrew, citing they were not qualified to deliver these specialized services and that CHS in the Sault is," an incredulous Martin said.

"Today, we hear the government HRSDC official saying they will go ahead and assist the March of Dimes to deliver this service when they withdrew and the deaf and hard of hearing have no services in our community" Martin said.

At the Human Resources Committee hearing, Martin read into the record a February letter from Ronald Kelusky, OMD vice president which stated, "there is a compelling argument to continue to support the program that (CHS) operate in Sault Ste. Marie and I am requesting that HRSDC reconsider the decision."

After the committee, Martin said the "lunatics have taken over the asylum" when everyone agrees who should get this contract and yet HRSDC gives the contract to an agency who does not want it and says they are not qualified to deliver it."

The Parliamentary committee has been investgating HRSDC's new rules since early March , following a motion introduced by Tony Martin. Agency and community network witnesses have already tesified to being intimidated by senior HRSDC officals after speaking out.

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