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April 20, 2005

Cochlear transplant brings joy in the lives of this family

From: - New Delhi,India - Apr 20, 2005

Amrita Chaudhry

Ludhiana, April 20: FOR the Sohar couple Monica and Rajesh, after a lot of heart break and crying their two children can ultimately be a part of the normal world. Their two children — eight-year-old Paawan and six-year-old Muskaan were born deaf. And till date even the best of doctors had given up on the two. But with tears in her eyes, glowing mother Monica says, ''Today, our children can hear'' and ''Cochlear Transplant'' has made it possible.

When asked whether she is promoting a brand, she holds a demonstration. She removes the sensory device from the head of her son and calls out his name. No response even while she is facing her eight year old son. Monica replaces the device turns her back to her son and again calls out his name. ''Haanji mama,'' says Paawan.

The Sohar couple have spent Rs 6 lakh on each of their two children for this transplant ,'but the money is of no account. We spend as much on purchasing cars which cost us lakhs or building homes which many Ludhianvis end up spending close to crores .' says Rajesh Sohar who is an exporter of cycle parts in the city.

For all the utterly broken and confused parents, who have children with special needs and their child's destiny are very apathetically served by medical practitioner, this brave lady has a word of advice. 'I was sitting in the car when I was handed the reports that my son was born deaf. Then when my daughter was around four months old I called out her name and came no response. My worst fears had come true. I had my share of stages of denials, cursing every body around me for my fate. Why me? I cried at times. But I did not waste much time since early intervention is a must for such children. My son is in Class II now and my daughter is in Class I .I know they are far behind their counterparts. But now they are on the path of taking on the society and its challenges". says Monica.

She says, ''Somewhere we all have to draw a line and not let our expectation go beyond what our children can deliver. This holds true for normal children and children with special needs. When my children could not hear I would pray that they could just hear. Then my expectation rose so that they can just utter a few words and so on . But I have and will let my children be what they want to be."

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