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April 20, 2005

2005 Deaflympics Congress Elections Voting Fraud! 151 ( ! ) Votes Missing

From: - Apr 20, 2005

By Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas, CISS/Deaflympics Ombudsman

New York, USA – An important document – the Minutes Report of the January 3-4, 2005 39th CISS/Deaflympics Congress  – was recently released into light by the CISS Home Office
Although the four-paged Minutes Report document ( herein, "Report" ) was prepared in an inappropriate and disorganized manner, the key focus of this story will be Point Number 17 of the Report, which provides relevant information about the elections of the CISS Executive Committee ( "EC" ) for the 2005-2009 year term.
For anyone  who wants to better comprehend as to what actually went on with the 39th Congress session, especially with the elections, it will be advisable to read this website's  February 1, 2005 Press Release headlined 2005 CISS/DEAFLYMPICS CONGRESS ELECTIONS: HOW AND IN WHAT MANNER ELECTIONS WERE HELD
To clearly understand, evaluate  and compare the background and credentials of each candidate for various CISS elective positions at the 2005 Congress, it is also recommended to  review the October 8, 2004 material released by the CISS e-News Magazine
Below are my facts, comments and questions related to the January 4th  elections and the CISS-produced Report.
According to the Report, there were delegates from 60 nations officially registered at the Congress, which translated into a total of 120 eligible votes ( that is, each country had 2 full votes ).
For the office of Vice President, there was a three-way contest involving Mr. David Lanesman of Israel ( he obtained, as the Report mentions, 62 votes ), Mr. Valery Rukhledev of Russia ( 39 votes ) and  Miss Jessica Rohde of Denmark ( 15 ).  Of the supposed 120 votes contested between the three, 4 votes were missing or went unreported.
Now, for the office of a Member of EC, the elections were composed of three different rounds because there were 6 various candidates who were vying for the three available spots of the Member position.
The Report shows  the following:
Round 1
Siv Fosshaug – 79 votes
Tommy Jung – 44
Dogan Ozdemir – 55
Yang Yang – 57
Jessica Rohde – 28
Valery Rukhledev – 41.
Facts, comments and questions: Because she obtained the most votes, Miss Fosshaug was the Round's sole winner. However, the main and disputable issue is that among the 6 candidates who competed  for 3 vacant Member positions there was supposed to be a total of 360 votes distributed ( 60 nations x 2 votes each nation x 3 vacant positions = 360 votes ). But, the Report mentions a total of 304 votes which were earned by all these 6 candidates. Where did the remaining 56 votes go to? Could it be possible that the missing or "lost"  votes - all or most of them - belonged to Mr. Rukhledev  who was considering a heavy favorite to win one of the three positions? Could it also be possible that certain number of votes was "destroyed" or misplaced by a scrutineer in order to ruin Mr. Rukhledev's chances to win a seat in the EC? The fact remains that, to the surprise and puzzlement of many people, Mr. Rukhledev, by receiving just 41 votes, ended up as the next to last place vote-getter in this Round. Another fact should not go unnoticed: there were actually the names of  9 different candidates, two of whom - Mr. Peter Pastor of  Slovakia and Mr. Mike Webster of Great Britain - decided to withdraw from the running. But the Report omitted this important fact ( that is, the withdrawals of Mr. Pastor and Mr. Webster as candidates ) on its pages. Thus, this was another very clear sign that the Report document was prepared by an incompetent person - either by a CISS Secretary General, the supposed official Minutes Report writer, or by a CISS Home Office staffer who was also present at the 2005 Congress premises.                                         
Round 2
Tommy Jung – 45
Dogan Ozdemir – 54
Yang Yang – 65
Valery Rukhledev – 44
Facts, comments and questions: Although  for this Round 4 candidates were contesting for 2 vacant positions of Member, Miss Yang Yang collected the majority of votes and was declared as a Round winner. A total of 240 votes were supposed to be distributed for this Round contest ( 60 nations x 2 votes each nation x 2 vacant positions = 240 votes). However, the Report mentions a total of 208 votes contested. What happened to other 32 missing votes? Again, could it be possible that the team of scrutineers did something against Mr. Rukhledev by  intentionally "losing" 32 missing votes?            
Round 3
Dogan Ozdemir – 61
Facts, comments and questions: Strangely, the Report mentions Mr. Ozdemir as the only candidate in this Round. It is unclear against whom did Mr. Ozdemir contest for the last, third available position of  Member in this 3rd Round? For that Round there were supposed to be the two contestants and  a total of 120 votes distributed ( that is, 60 nations x 2 votes each nation x 1 vacant position = 120 votes ). Mr. Ozdemir got 61 votes, but where did 59 remaining votes go to?
Thus, an aggregate of 151 votes were missing or went unaccounted for during the whole elections contest involving the 4 vacant positions of EC - one for Vice President and three - for Member.
It should be noted that the election meeting was conducted on the floor by the two persons-members of the CISS  Legal Commission - Mr. Jerald Jordan of the USA and Mr. Knud Sondergaard of Denmark.  According to a reliable source, these two persons' main  objectives at the Congress, among the other things,  were as follows:
1) to allow the appointment of a team of scrutineers with pro-Ammons sympathies ( this included Mr. Lennart Edwall of Sweden acting as a scrutineer-leader, Mr. Edward Ingham of the USA and the two Italians – Mr. Sebastiano Manciagli and Mr. Guido Zanecchia ),
2) to "help" Miss Ammons to win the Presidency contest over Mr. Rukhledev, and
3) to make sure that the independent-minded Mr. Rukhledev would not get any  seat in the new CISS EC.
Other major wrongdoings related to the January 4th election session were these:
- Ms. Ammons was supposed by law to be disqualified to run for the Presidency position because her nominated organization – the USADSF – was in blatant violation of the CISS Constitution rules. For further details, read
  - Mr. Lanesman, too, "won" the Vice Presidency in an unconstitutional manner because his national sports association, before the start of the elections, failed to pay to the CISS a total of  $12,500.00 in penalty fines ( that is, for  cancelling as a host of the 2003 World Orienteering Championship event ( $5,000.00 ),  for withdrawing  of its football team from the qualifying round of the 2005 Deaflympics ( $2,500.00 )  and  for pulling out of  its basketball team from the final round of the 2005 Deaflympics ($5,000.00 ).
In addition, like Ms. Ammons, Mr. Jordan, the Congress floor meeting leader, was himself supposed to be entirely banned from attending all the Congress activities because his national sports association defied certain rules of the CISS legal system.
As for the issue of selecting of scrutineers ( the job of a scrutineer included distributing voting ballots to delegates, collecting voting ballots back from delegates , counting the voting ballots or votes ), for some obvious reason, it was unethically appropriate to choose Mr. Edwall for the position.
The prime motive was that Mr. Edwall was ( and still is ) considered a bitter political rival of Mr. Rukhledev in the European Deaf  Sports Organization ( EDSO ).
On June 18, 2004, during the EDSO Congress held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Mr. Rukhledev was the reason why Mr. Edwall  abruptly lost his job as the President of the EDSO.
Thus, is not it an educated guess that Mr. Edwall's main mission  at the Congress was to "retaliate" against Mr. Rukhledev by making every possible effort in preventing the Russian from winning any seat in the CISS EC, including for the position of President, is it?
Moreover, while at Melbourne, as was seen by several persons there, Mr. Edwall was engaged in a lobbying scheme to vote against Mr. Rukhledev among the Congress delegates from Europe. It is also reliably reported that Mr. Edwall's long trip to Australia or his stay there as a private citizen was paid for, with the tacit approval of  both Miss Ammons and Mr. Jordan, by the CISS and that he stayed in Melbourne for very few days, that is, by "accomplishing his vendetta mission against Mr. Rukhledev" at the Congress, Mr. Edwall left for home immediately.
Another very troublesome issue was the appointment of an USA representative – Mr. Ingham – as one of the four scrutineers. This was because the election contest, for  example, for the office of the CISS President involved the two contenders: Miss Ammons of the USA and  Mr. Rukhledev of  Russia. Both Miss Ammons and Mr. Ingham, as you now notice, were coming from the same and one country – the USA, therefore, was it nationalistically logical and justified to have Mr. Ingham as a scrutineer, was not it?
The January 4th, 2005 election session mishandling at Melbourne was the second  and saddest occurrence in the 81 year-old CISS history where the elections were held in the highly-questionable manner.
In retrospect,  in 1981, during the 27th CISS Congress election session held in Koln, Germany, both cities of Los Angeles ( USA ) and Tokyo ( Japan ) were engaged in a hotly-contested battle for the bidding rights to host the 1985 Deaflympic Summer Games. Los Angeles narrowly beat Tokyo by one vote, that is, 37 to 36, and was awarded the right to host the Games in 1985. However, what went wrong with this election was the following:
- a representative from the USA ( Mr. Jerald Jordan ) conducted the election meeting on the floor (  he also was the one to make the final vote result announcement in which he announced  that Los Angeles "won" the hostship bid );
- the chief scrutineer  during the election session was Mr. Richard Caswell, a Congress delegate from  the USA, who also was the President of the USADSF ( then known as the AAAD ) on that time ( he is also known as a long-time loyalist  of Mr. Jordan ), and
- certain number of votes was missing ( source: The CISS Bulletin, Number  107, October, 1981, page 11 ).
(  Imagine, what will be the reaction of the civilized world of hearing and non-deaf people when this coming July 6, 2005, in Singapore, the International Olympic Committee ( "IOC" )  will conduct the election of a city of the  Games of the XXX Summer Olympiad in 2012 ( five cities – New York, USA, Moscow, Russia, London, Great Britain, Paris, France and Madrid, Spain – are vying to win the hostship bid ) and if the IOC, for example,  chooses an USA representative, Mr. Peter Ueberroth, the current President of the USA Olympic Committee, as its chief scrutineer and final vote result announcer during that five-cities election contest?  )
By the way, the 1985 Games in Los Angeles are still remembered by many people as the most disorganized, schedule-wrecked  and debt-ridden Games in the whole CISS history!
Thus, upon careful review and examining of the election results published in the Report and my meetings and conversations with different persons ( while at Melbourne, I had personally met 69 Congress delegates and leaders from 50 nations, 10 former and current members of the CISS EC, CISS Technical Directors in 9 different sports ), it is this Ombudsman's opinion that Mr. Jordan and his subordinate and crony, Mr. Sondergaard, who were entrusted by the CISS Congress delegates in conducting the election session procedure on January 4th,  handled the elections in an improper, irresponsible, outrageous, undemocratic, conspirational, unfair, biased and highly-suspicious manner!
It is also this Ombudsman's bold and straightforward statement that the January 4th, 2005 elections were a fraud!
In the event you disagree with this Ombudsman's opinion conclusions, then, as usual, your comments and rebuttals, including by those persons who ran the January 4th election session, will gladly and openly be welcomed by this website's own e-mail system or in any mass publication, including in the CISS e-News Magazine, the official mouthpiece of the CISS.
As one leader of the national sports association of Nigeria recently wrote to this website by presenting a quote such as,
"Criticism is not bad, for it is the engine of progress."