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March 15, 2005

USADSF, Ms. Scoggins, $500 USA Athlete Penalty And CISS Fee Waiver

From: - Mar 15, 2005

PRESS RELEASE - March 15, 2005



By Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas, CISS/Deaflympics Ombudsman

New York, USA – An e-mail message – written down by Mr. Bill Schyman - was received by this website today. Mr. Schyman is a well-known deaf personality and was a basketball player of world-class stature: he was the first ever deaf person to play in the professional basketball league called the N.B.A., and he was, as a member of the USA team, the two-time Deaflympic Games champion in 1961 and 1965. As an interested deaf sports follower, please read the entire contents of this message by Mr. Schyman below and judge it by yourself whether the details in this message are true or false ones.

Note: BBS stands for Ms. Bobbie Beth Scoggins, the current President of the USADSF ( United States Deaf Sports Federation, while HOD is for the USADSF House of Delegates and USOC is for the United States Olympic Committee.

"Dear Rafael, CISS Ombudsman,

For past several months, I have been the recipient of several anonymous letters explaining the misdemeanors by officers of the USADSF/CISS. Allow me to say this.....I am certain the readers of this message might question my credibility. I have been involved in the Deaf Sports World for a long time. I have seen few officers of their respective organizations to follow/adopt their constitutions and by-laws and, sad to say, many of the so-called officers betrayed the trust of their constituents and members to honor both the constitutions and by-laws...what a joke, I might add. Furthermore, you might wonder why I have been updated of the misdeeds executed by these officers..... simply put...after checking the reliability of their letters....I will shoot from my hip and not beat around the bush to alert the Deaf Sports World that we got problems with these officers of the USADSF/CISS.

Abridged versions from the Anonymous Letter Writers, as well as my own comments:

During the House of Delegates meeting in November (2004). BBS verbally explained that the USA is current in all its fees, etc. and even paid higher fees while many countries complained and bitched about the increases in fees. It bothers me that BBS did not take the initiative to sustain her aforementioned explanations by issuing in black and white papers to the Delegates?. As the saying goes...seeing is believing.

I am somewhat infuriated over the fact that BBS and Jack Lamberton, her USADSF Vice President, raided the INVESTMENT FUND (without the HOD approval) and grabbed out of $150,000.00 from the $200,000.00 remaining to pay unauthorized expenses of some of her people to Melbourne. Not one dime to assist the athletes with lack of funds. They have penalized several athletes $500.00 each (and trying to suspend them now) for being late in fund raising. Yet the USADSF Board has not raised one penny for the athletes in 4 and 8 years...that sucks. Furthermore, BBS managed to lose AA of the USOC funding we used to get!!!!. I am of an opinion that BBS should have done her homework to continue receiving funds from the USOC. Let set the record straight, as former Chairman of the USADSF Budget Committee, the significant purpose of the Investment Fund is to draw dividends and use them for expenditures.

I would love to see their finance reports.

Furthermore, BBS is trying hard to finagle it so she can extend her term by 2 more years to 2007: or she and Jack will switch positions (Jack run for President and she runs for Vice President ) It is my fondest hope that the House of Delegates are sensitive enough not to permit both BBS and Jack on the Board once again, as they can continue to monopolize the USADSF to suit their needs. We need to put them in exile and elect professional deaf leaders with a keen sense of business and loyalty to the constitutions and by-laws.

The letters I received clearly indicated the fact that CISS President Ammons has hoodwinked several fractions of the by-laws by the USADSF...this is discrimination gestures by the CISS Board allowing the USA to break the CISS By-Laws while condemning other countries likewise.

It is such a mess for both the CISS and the USADSF.

I know from my past experience dealing with my exposures of deaf leaders screwed up, I will hear from BBS and the Board that I am full of craps, if so, then allow me to obtain a professional auditor under the auspice of the USOC to audit your financial books. Do not expect for me to wait forever to hear your reply.

Bill Schyman"

Ombudsman's comments: Under Ms. Scoggins' leadership, the USADSF sent its 208-member delegation, including 172 athletes, to the 20th Deaflympic Summer Games held recently in Melbourne, Australia. Of the 62 nations competing at these Games, the USA delegation was the largest one.

It should be noted that in 2004, that is before the start of the 2005 Deaflympic Games, the USADSF administration failed to organize any national-type Championship or USA Deaflympic trials or tryouts in any sports (except in basketball) in which the USADSF sent athletes and teams to the 2005 Games. According to the recently-released USADSF e-Newsletter report, the USA delegation collected an aggregate of just 32 medals, including 8 gold,12 silver and 12 bronze at the 2005 Games.

For a world superpower nation – such as the USA – sending a large 172-member delegation of athletes and winning just 32 medals at the Games is naturally viewed as an embarrassment and disaster!

This total medal result was the WORST ever total medal result performance by any USA delegation at the Deaflympic Summer Games since 1961!

In addition, because the USADSF failed to pay certain penalty fees to the CISS/Deaflympics Treasury, the presence of the USA delegates at the 39th CISS/Deaflympics Congress, including the election of Ms. Ammons, an USADSF member, as the new CISS/Deaflympics President as well as all USA athletes at the Games in 2005 was illegitimate and in blatant violation of certain rules of the CISS/Deaflympics' legal system.

Interestingly and astonishingly, in her recent and vaguely-worded March 5, 2005 e-mail message release to certain individuals, Ms. Scoggins made, among the other things, the statement such as, "the CISS Board waived interest charges on late payments for all countries. Because of this we ( that is, the USADSF ) do not have any debt with CISS."

What an interesting revelation by Ms. Scoggins!

Does this mean that the CISS/Deaflympics Board ( or Executive Committee ) waived the USADSF of its $10,000.00 penalty fee for withdrawing of its two USA teams from the 2003 Deaf World Championships/Dresse and Maere Cups in Team Tennis?