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March 3, 2005

UK: The Weekly Subtitled Cinema Listings! March 3rd 2005.

From: Subtitles @ your local cinema - Mar 3, 2005

Subtitled cinema: Flight of the Phoenix, Hide and Seek,
The Life Aquatic, Meet the Fockers, Shall We Dance,
Oceans 12, Magic Roundabout, Are We There Yet
and more below...

It's Thursday, around lunchtime, so it must be...
The Weekly Subtitled Cinema Listings!
March 3rd 2005.

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"Have you ever tried to lip-read Darth Vader?"
Subtitled and audio described cinema enables people with less than perfect hearing or vision to enjoy film presented in its original and best form - the cinema.
Over 130 UK cinemas can now screen almost every popular release with subtitles & audio description.

Please pass this email onto anyone that you think may enjoy 'accessible' cinema.


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou subtitled (15)

Starring Bill Murray. In this cracking new comedy internationally famous oceanographer Steve Zissou and his crew set sail on an expedition to hunt down the mysterious, elusive, Jaguar Shark that killed his partner during the documentary filming of their latest adventure...

London - Kingston Surrey Odeon
Thurs 3rd March at 12.30pm

London - Wandsworth Cineworld
Sun 6th March at 3.40pm
Mon 7th March at 6.20pm

Bath Odeon
Tues 8th Mar at 2.40

Bromborough Odeon
Thurs 3rd March at 5.45

Colchester Odeon
Thur 3rd March at 5.45pm

Guildford Surrey Odeon
Thurs 3rd Mar at 6.00

Nottingham UGC
Sun 6th Mar at 2.20pm
Tues 8th Mar at 7.50pm

Romford Ster Century
Wed 9th Mar at 6.50pm

Wolverhampton Cineworld
Mon 7th March at 8.30pm

York Vue
Tues 1st Mar at 6.05

More shows added as soon as we are notified of them - check the website regularly!

Hide and Seek subtitled (15)

Robert De Niro stars as a widower trying to piece together his life in the wake of his wife's suicide, while his daughter Emily finds solace in an imaginary friend. But this act takes an unexpected and terrifying turn when Emily begins to adopt some gruesome habits...

London - Acton Vue
Sun 6th March at 5.05
Tues 8th March at 7.30

London - Croydon (Purley Way) Vue
Sun 6th March at 1.30
Tues 8th March at 6.30

London - Uxbridge Odeon
Sat 5 Mar at 4.30pm
Thur 10 Mar at 6.20pm

London - West End Vue
Sun 6th March at 3.30
Tues 8th March at 5.50

Ashford Cineworld
Sun 6th March at 2.45pm
Mon 7th March at 7.15pm

Bath Odeon
Tues 8th Mar at 6.35

Chelmsford Odeon
Wed 9th Mar at 12.30pm, 2.55pm, 5.25pm, 8.05pm

Colchester Odeon
Mon 7th March at 8.45pm
Thur 10th March at 6.15pm

Dagenham Vue
Sun 6th March at 5.00
Tues 8th March at 7.20

Doncaster Vue
Sun 6th March at 2.10
Tues 8th March at 9.10

Dudley UCI
Sun 6th March at 1.45PM
Mon 7th March at 6.40PM

Hereford Odeon
Mon 7th Mar at 4.00 6.10 8.25

Oxford Odeon
Tues 8th Mar at 4.30
Weds 9th Mar at 7.00

Newcastle Odeon
Tuesday 8th March at 12.30pm, 2.45pm, 5.00pm, 7.20pm, 9.40pm

Norwich UCI
Sun 6th March at 1.45PM
Mon 7th March at 6.45PM

Stevenage Cineworld
Sun 6th March at 4.05pm
Mon 7th March at 8.30pm

Worcester Odeon
Thurs 3rd Mar at 4.50

Flight of the Phoenix subtitled (12a)

Starring Denis Quaid. Action-adventure in which a group of air crash survivors are stranded in the Mongolian desert facing a brutal environment and no chance of rescue. Their only hope of survival is by doing the impossible: building a new plane from the wreckage.

London - Finchley Road Vue
Sun 6th March at 3.45
Tues 8th March at 6.30

London - Islington Vue
Sun 6th March at 3.10
Tues 8th March at 5.45

London - Shepherds Bush Vue
Tues 8th March at 5.50

Bath Odeon
Mon 7th Mar at 5.50

Bolton Vue
Sat 5th March at 12.20
Sun 6th March at 5.25, 8.00
Tues 8th March at 5.25, 8.00

Bristol (Cribbs Causeway) Vue
Sun 6th March at 1.20
Tues 8th March at 6.45

Leeds Vue
Sun 6th March at 3.40
Tues 8th March at 9.00

Reading Vue
Sun 6th March at 12.10
Tues 8th March at 8.20

Southport Vue
Sun 6th March at 3.30
Tues 8th March at 6.10

Watford Vue
Sun 6th March at 2.50
Tues 8th March at 8.40

More shows added as soon as we are notified of them - check the website regularly!

Shall We Dance subtitled (12a)

Richard Gere stars as a bored middle-aged worker cocooned in a comfortable marriage, until a beautiful ballroom dancer (Jennifer Lopez) inspires him to take up lessons and rekindle his spark.

London - West End Odeon
(the smaller one on Leicester Square)
Sat 5th March at 1.10pm
Wed 9th March at 3.40pm

Bath Odeon
Thurs 3rd Mar at 8.00

Bradford Cineworld
Sun 6th March at 4.40pm, 7.05pm
Mon 7th March at 4.40pm, 7.05pm

Guildford Surrey Odeon
Thurs 10th Mar at 6.00

Huddersfield UCI
Mon 7th March at 6.10PM

Newport, Isle of Wight Cineworld
Mon 7th March at 6.30pm

Rugby Cineworld
Sun 6th March at 2.45pm
Mon 7th March at 7.15pm

Taunton Odeon
Tues 8th Mar at 1.35

York Vue
Tue 8th March at 6.00

Meet the Fockers (12a) subtitled

Hilarious comedy starring Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman. Having given permission to male nurse Greg Focker to marry his daughter, ex-CIA man Jack Byrnes and his wife travel to Detroit to meet Greg's parents. Unfortunately they're about as different from them as can be...

London - Kingston Surrey Odeon
Fri 4th and Mon 7th March at 1.30pm
Tues 8th and Wed 9th March at 4.15pm
Thurs 10th March at 9.35pm

London - Uxbridge Odeon
Thur 3 Mar at 6.00pm

London - Wimbledon Odeon
Fri 4th March at 1.30pm
Sun 6th March at 1.30pm
Mon 7th March at 3.40pm
Tues 8th March at 6.10pm

Bath Odeon
Thurs 3rd Mar at 2.50
Thurs 10th Mar at 3.00

Bracknell UCI
Sun 6th March at 11.35AM

Cambridge Vue
Tues 8th March at 5.15

Dublin UGC
Saturday 5th March at 11am
Monday 7th March at 9.30pm

Guildford Surrey Odeon
Fri 4th Mar at 3.10

Hartlepool Vue
Sun 6th March at 2.40
Tues 8th March at 8.10

Huddersfield UCI
Sun 6th March at 12.10PM

Leicester Odeon
Sunday 6th March at 1.00pm
Monday 7th March at 3.45pm
Tuesday 8th March at 6.30pm

Manchester Trafford UCI
Mon 7th March at 6.30PM

Plymouth Vue
Sun 6th March at 1.50
Tues 8th March at 7.00

Preston Vue
Sun 6th March at 2.35, 8.00
Tues 8th March at 2.35, 8.00

Southampton Odeon
Thurs 3rd Mar at 8.15
Tues 8th Mar at 6.30
Thurs 10th Mar at 9.15

Stirling Macroberts Arts Centre
Sunday 6 March at 5.15pm

Over 130 cinemas in the UK can screen all these films with subtitles!
Here's where they are:

Ocean's Twelve subtitled (12a)

Starring Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Catherine Zeta Jones, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia. Danny Ocean gathers up his gang of thieves and con men for another three huge European heists in this thrilling action sequel.

London - Fulham Vue
Sun 6th March at 2.10
Tues 8th March at 7.45

Bath Odeon
Tues 8th Mar at 6.00

Cheshire Oaks Vue
Sun 6th March at 3.10
Tues 8th March at 6.10

Hatfield UCI
Mon 7th March at 5.30PM

High Wycombe UCI
Mon 7th March at 6.15PM

Portsmouth Vue
Sun 6th March at 12.20
Tues 8th March at 6.00

Thurrock Vue
Sun 6th March at 12.20
Tues 8th March at 8.20*
*check with cinema - may be cancelled!

Exclusive subtitled trailer!

The Magic Roundabout subtitled (U)

Featuring the voice talents of Joanna Lumley, Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams. Based on the popular UK children’s TV series, this animated film tells the tale of our favourite Magic Roundabout characters embarking on a dangerous journey in an effort to imprison their oppressor – the evil wizard ZeeBadee.

Cambridge Vue
Sun 6th March at 2.40

Hatfield UCI
Sun 6th March at 11.10AM

Huntingdon Cineworld
Sun 6th March at 2pm
Mon 7th March at 4pm

Maidenhead UCI
Sun 6th March at 1PM

Manchester Filmworks UCI
Sun 6th March at 12.20PM
Mon 7th March at 4.50PM

Norwich Ster Century
Tues 8th Mar at 4.25pm

Southend Odeon
Wed 9th March at 4.10pm 6.20pm

Thurrock Vue
Sun 6th March at 1.20

Weymouth Cineworld
Sun 6th March at 2.10pm

Are we there yet? subtitled (12a)

Ice Cube is at his funniest in this fresh family comedy. When Nick offers to drive his girlfriend’s kids from Washington to New York for the holidays, he has no idea what the little monsters have in store for him..

Cardiff Ster Century
Mon 7th March at 12.55pm, 3.05pm

Derby UCI
Sun 6th March at 12.30PM
Mon 7th March at 7.25PM

Middlesbrough UGC
Mon 7th and Wed 9th March at 8.50pm.

Sheffield Vue
Sun 6th March at 1.10
Tues 8th March at 6.00

Sunderland Cineworld
Sun 6th March at 2.55pm

Telford UCI
Sun 6th Mar at 11.30am
Mon 7th Mar at 7pm

More shows added as soon as we are notified of them - check the website regularly!

More films - only a few shows:

The Aviator subtitled (12a)

Banbury Oxfordshire, Odeon
Tues 8th Mar at 4.25

Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT)
Wed 30th March at 5.20

Kinsey subtitled (15)

Leeds Ster Century
Wed 9th March at 6.30pm

Spongebob Squarepants subtitled (U)

Cheltenham Odeon
Sat 5th Mar at 12.20
Sun 6th Mar at 12.20

Manchester Trafford UCI
Sun 6th March at 1.30PM

York Vue
Sun 6th March at 1.00

Racing Stripes subtitled (U)

London - Greenwich UCI
Sun 6th March at 11.15am

Gateshead UCI
Sun 6th March at 10.30am

Ray - The Ray Charles Story subtitled (15)

Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT)
Mon 7th March at 1.10pm
Wed 9th March at 5.30pm

Closer subtitled (15)

Canterbury Odeon
Wednesday 9th March at 6:15pm

Vera Drake (12a) subtitled

York City Screen
Mon 7th March at 12.50pm
Thurs 10th March at 6.25pm

Finding Neverland subtitled (12a)

Exeter Picturehouse
Wed 9th March at 6.15pm

Vanity Fair subtitled (PG)

Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT)
Fri 4th March at 1.15pm

Ladies in Lavender subtitled (12a)

Edinburgh Filmhouse
Sun 26 Mar at 3.45pm

The Incredibles subtitled (U)

Edinburgh Filmhouse
Sun 13th Mar at 1pm

Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT)
Saturday 12 March at 11.30am

Young Adam subtitled (15)

London - Barbican Cinema
Sun 6th March at 3pm

Lemony Snicket's An Unfortunate Series of Events subtitled

Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT)
Saturday 5 March at 11.30am

And more! On release in many cinemas:
Popular foreign language films, with English subtitles:

A Very Long Engagement (15)
From the director and star of Amelie comes this very different love story.
Set in France near the end of World War I, it tells the story of a young woman's relentless, moving and sometimes comic search for her fiancée who has disappeared.

The Sea Inside (PG)
Why does Ramon Sampedro (Bardem) smile so much? He says, "When you can't escape and you depend on others so much, you learn to cry by smiling." Ramon has been a quadraplegic for 28 years following a diving accident and wants to end his life. Alejandro Amenábar's deeply moving drama makes a powerful case for why he should be allowed to - and why he shouldn't. Nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar 2005.

House of the Flying Daggers (15)
"One of the most beautifully shot films of this year and the most thrilling".

When the last sword is drawn (12a)
Old Boy (18)
The Motorcycle Diaries (15)
2046 - the long awaited Wong Kar-wai film

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We are sorry to report that Sideways, Son of the Mask, Hotel Rwanda, Million Dollar Baby, Assault on Precinct 13, Blade Trinity, Phantom of the Opera and Napoleon Dynamite will NOT be available in an accessible format. The distributor of each film is responsible for an 'accessible' release.

Subtitles @ Your Local Cinema receive accessible listings directly from cinema head offices, but we can take NO responsibility for postponed or cancelled shows. If cinemas inform us of changes, we will tell you via this website, which is updated daily. If they don't inform us, we can't inform you. Many cinemas schedules are "SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION".

Sometimes the files necessary for a subtitled or described film are not available, or are not delivered to the cinema on time. The only way to be 100% sure is to check with the ACTUAL cinema before you plan a visit. But DOUBLE check, preferably with a manager. We recommend that you should always request confirmation that a show is definitely on.

As soon as cinemas schedules are announced for new films, they will be listed on our website - please DON'T wait for the next weekly email – CHECK the website often! Important reschedules, time changes etc. are posted on there as soon as they are announced. You can bookmark your nearest subtitle equipped cinema listings page.

"It is not tragic to have a disability.
Disability only becomes a tragedy when society fails to provide the things one needs to lead one's life"


Around 8 out of every 10 cinema releases at any one time are available with subtitles for deaf/hearing impaired people, and audio description for blind/visually impaired people. The subtitle/description 'files' are supplied to the cinema on a separate CD-Rom and automatically synchronise with the film when played. Around a quarter of UK cinemas (132) have the necessary equipment to read these files and most of them screen 'accessible' shows every week. Full details of shows nationwide can be found here:

It's a quiet revolution in the world of sensory impaired people, thanks to the cinema and film distribution industries, technology companies, organisations representing disabled people, and the people themselves - thousands aired their views to the UK Film Council, when informed of the UK Film Council's proposal to fund 50% of the cost of cinema equipment.

Organised nationwide campaigning and publicity of accessible shows helped to bring it all together and ensure it always stayed on the agenda of the many bodies involved. All working together to make it happen - and quickly.

Spread the word: free information cards:

Why do some 'subtitle equipped' cinemas not show all available subtitled films, at sensible times?

We cannot ‘force’ a cinema to enable people with less than perfect hearing to enjoy their services, we can only ask them to. And we do, constantly. It’s our job to create awareness of the problem, suggest solutions, and to empower people to do something about it.

We recommend that people contact cinemas in their local area and request better access for people with sensory impairments. Request that they become ‘accessible’, by installing a digital subtitle system and screening regular subtitled shows.

If a cinema needs more info, direct them to our website - there's info on digital systems available, where to purchase and more.

Many articles on the subject are available to read here:

On the website:
Every subtitled film: previous, now showing and on the way
New films, locations, dates and times added regularly.
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Video game, Theatre and DVD extra feature subtitles.

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The UK Film Council
CEA - Cinema Exhibitors' Association and the UK cinema Industry
FDA - Film Distributors' Association and UK film distributors
RNID - Royal National Institute of Deaf People
NDCS - National Deaf Children's Society
RNIB - Royal National Institute of the Blind
ITFC - Independent Television Facilities Centre Ltd.
DTS - Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
Dolby Laboratories, Inc

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