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March 7, 2005

Sorenson Media Supports Recent FCC Changes and is in Compliance with all Rulings

From: Sorenson Media - Mar 7, 2005

Sorenson Media Supports Recent FCC Changes and is in Compliance with all Rulings

FCC Clarifies Position on Use of Proprietary Video Relay Service Equipment

SALT LAKE CITY (March 7, 2005) – Sorenson Media today announced its support of the recent rulings and clarifications issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding video relay service (VRS) for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, and confirmed that the company is in full compliance with all FCC rulings and policies.

One of the most significant recent FCC rulings is that a VRS provider may require that its proprietary equipment be used exclusively in conjunction with its own VRS. However, VRS providers must obtain "informed consent" from consumers in order to restrict their equipment from being used to contact other VRS providers. Consumers may obtain service from any VRS service provider in the marketplace, and are free to utilize multiple providers if they so choose.

"We applaud the FCC's wisdom in creating a policy that protects the long-term interests of both the deaf community and providers of VRS equipment and services," said Pat Nola, COO of Sorenson Media. "This policy preserves the incentive for VRS providers to invest in the creation of superior products and services for the deaf community. It enables Sorenson Media to wholeheartedly pursue our mission of creating the world's finest video communication equipment and providing it to the deaf community free of charge."

Sorenson Media was the first company to bring videophones to the deaf community. The company spent a decade of research and many millions of dollars developing the industry-leading D-Link i2eyeâ„¢ and Sorenson VP-100â„¢ videophones.

Sorenson Media currently provides Sorenson VP-100 videophones to its VRS customers free of charge, together with free installation and customer support. There is no minimum usage requirement. Each Sorenson VP-100 videophone is shipped with a license agreement informing customers that the Sorenson VP-100 videophone is only to be used with Sorenson VRS®. Customers are free to have additional video relay devices to contact other VRS providers.

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