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March 22, 2005

National Theatre of the Deaf Educates and Enlightens Children Young and Old With 05-06 Touring Season

From: NTD - Mar 22, 2005

Now Booking for the 2005-2006 Touring season....

Children's wing of the National Theatre of the Deaf
the Little Theatre of the Deaf

Fingers Around the World
Next Stop: South of the Border
by Shanny Mow

The Little Theatre of the Deaf (LTD), the Children's Theatre wing of The National Theatre of the Deaf, will perform /Fingers Around the World: Next Stop-South of the Border/ for their 2005-06 touring season. Entertaining and educating children and adults through their performances for children in schools and at public theatres for over 35 years, The Little Theatre of the Deaf has performed in all 50 states and in many foreign countries.

The second edition of FINGERS AROUND THE WORLD sees Alice in to another Wonderland. The audience will accompany her "South of the Border" and be treated to a fiesta full of history and culture. Alice will share with you new adventures with old friends from the Lewis Carroll classic. You will learn about Cinco de Mayo and folktales of America's fastest growing ethnic group. Not only will you see every word in American Sign Language and hear it in spoken English, but also receive a generous helping of Mexican Sign Language and spoken Spanish!

The Tony-Award winning company will begin the program with a sign language warm up. For those who know sign language, it entertains. For those who don't know sign language, it educates by providing an opportunity to learn a few signs and have a greater understanding and appreciation of the program that follows. You will witness a new dramatic form, which speaks with voices of beauty and power: one for the eye and one for the ear, you See and Hear every word

NTD's energetic performance concludes with the ever popular, "Your Game." "Your Game" has been requested and anticipated for every season we've performed. The Little Theatre of the Deaf is acclaimed for this interactive improvisatory piece. The audience is asked for a suggestion of a machine, or an animal, or anything at all. Then, the fun begins.

Included in our educational partnership is our Study Together Guide, providing material about the performance, exercises and activities to do in the classroom pre and post performance.

Dates are going fast, so book today. For additional information please contact the Tour Director at or call the theatre at 860-236-4193.

Bookings made before April 29th 2005 for the fall or spring tour will receive a 10% discount! Unfortunately, no bookings will be made over the summer. However, bookings will resume the 1st of September.