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March 21, 2005

India deaf cricket team in Pakistan tour

From: AICAD (Press Release) - Mar 21, 2005

     Press Realse
Dear sports editor
we  The All India cricket association of the deaf have great pleasure to inform you that the Indian deaf team flied t Pakistan on 21st March 2005 . In the 56 years of independent india it is the first deaf cricket series that is to be played in different stadiums at Lahore, faislabad, Peshawar,Karachi and Rawalpindi.
The AICAD is mativated promote and protect the cricketing interest and spirit of Indian deaf is guided by dr kashmir singh.IPS Chairman AICAD and chairman deaf cricket International federation,Shri harbhajan Singh IAS Vice chairman AICAD shri Ajurn awardee president. this match is played as prelude to the world deaf cricket tournament at Lucknow  to be conducted in the coming 2005.
We rember and thank the generous and compassionate support of shri Harindra singh and chairman and shri shilendra singh Managing Director M/S Perecpt D Mark, Bombay, who contributed sports kits and also we rember the cooperation extended by shri Harbhajan singh
due to whom shri Sunil Arora chairman and MD Indian Airlines made a smooth and free passage of the indian team to pakistan.
with a silent but sure look and countenance the Indian team on its road torward onward glory even to march ahead of the Normanls, of course with your unstined support.