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March 1, 2005

Hamilton VRS Helps Deaf-Owned Business Thrive

From: HIPVRS - Mar 1, 2005

Hamilton VRS Helps Deaf-Owned Business Thrive

Mark Carnaggio is a Deaf business owner in Baltimore, Maryland. As the owner of M&J Furniture Repair Service, Mark serves a variety of individuals ranging from individual consumers to furniture stores to vendors throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area.

The ability to effectively communicate with hearing consumers over the phone is imperative to Mark's business. Mark learned about Hamilton Video Relay Service and thought it would be a great tool that help him break down any communication barriers he might have encountered in the past. VRS allows people with a hearing and/or speech disability who use American Sign Language or other signing system to use video equipment and high-speed internet access to communicate with voice telephone users.

A year and a half ago, Mark applied for a D-Link Videophone from Hamilton's free VRS equipment program. In that short period of time, his business has thrived. Hamilton VRS allows Mark to communicate naturally over the phone with his customers. His decision to use VRS has certainly improved telephone communications between himself and his hearing consumers.

"I use Hamilton VRS to reach customers in order to schedule appointments and resolve any issues that may arise. Hamilton VRS has come through for me every single time. At the same time, through the use of video relay service, my business has thrived immensely. I have always received excellent service from interpreters with Hamilton VRS , and feel that they are very dependable", says Mr. Carnaggio when asked about his experience with Hamilton VRS. "Based on my experiences with various relay services, I strongly recommend trying Hamilton VRS prior to using any other services."

It is quite clear that behind the communication barriers, Mark Carnaggio is a successful business owner, who now has the opportunity to speak with all of his consumers on the phone.

To access to Hamilton Video Relay, add to your videophone speed dial list and begin using their VRS! Hamilton VRS hours are from 7:30 AM to Midnight EST daily.

To learn more about the fantastic services provided by Hamilton VRS, go to You can also contact Customer Support at 1-877-283-7687 V/TTY.

About Hamilton Relay
Hamilton offers a variety of features and services to further enhance relay communication including: Internet Relay, Video Relay and Wireless Relay. All services are available at Hamilton also provides relay services to nine states, the District of Columbia and the Island of Saipan.

About Birnbaum Interpreting Services
Birnbaum Interpreting Services (BIS) is a Deaf-owned and operated corporation that provides sign language interpreting services. BIS provides the highest quality interpreting services to its clients by maintaining a majority of staff interpreters that are nationally certified. BIS serves the gamut of settings from private to public sectors. In addition, BIS provides Video Relay Services (VRS) by partnering with a leading national relay provider, Hamilton Relay. For more information, visit the BIS website at or call (800) 471-6441 v/TTY.