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March 23, 2005

Deaf Rochester Film Fest Award Winners

From: DRFF - Mar 23, 2005

Deaf Rochester Film Festival Ends with Waving Hands!

The popularity and thirst for films with a Deaf eye-view was evident from the sold-out screening of feature-length film, "Secret Love/Stille Liebe" at the Little Theatre on Friday evening and a packed to the seams screening of Student Film shorts at RIT¹s Webb Auditorium on Saturday evening!!!


DRFF Short Films Audience Award
1st place ­ "Don't Mind?" - Patti Durr and Elizabeth Dena Sorkin
2nd place ­ "Hear No Evil" - Amanda Mundin

Honorable Mention Awards -
"Alice and the Aurifactor" - Joerg Fockele and
"No Talking Allowed" - Matt Daigle and Yoon Lee

DRFF Documentary Films Audience Award
1st place - "Audism Unveiled" - H-Dirksen Bauman, Ben Bahan and Facundo Montenegro
2nd place ­ "Ishara" - Irene Taylor Brodsky

Honorable Mention Awards ­
"Preserving Old Stonewalls: Rochester School for the Deaf" - Deirdre Schlehofer and Ted Supalla
"Deaf Northwest" - Irene Taylor Brodsky

RIT School of Film and Animation and DRFF Student Film Awards
1st place -"Help Me" ­ Kamau Buchanan
2nd place - "To Have / To Find" ­ Susan Dupor

Honorable Mention Awards
"Soulmate" - Ryan Commerson and Wayne Betts, Jr.
"Paper Airplane" -­ Adrean Mangiardi
"Asrama Ku" -­ Leon Sheng Lim
"Mr. V" -­ Wayne Betts, Jr.
"in/visible signs" ­ Emily Jane Steinberg

Student Films Audience Award ­(tie)
"Help Me" ­ Kamau Buchanan
"Mr. V" ­ Wayne Betts, Jr.

Congratulations to all the award-winners as well as the other filmmakers who shared their works at the Deaf Rochester Film Festival!

The DRFF Committee wishes to extend its gratitude to the overwhelmingly positive response of the community, and especially to our major sponsors:

NY Relay, Sprint and NTID.

For a full listing of sponsors and updated information on the festival, go to: