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March 16, 2005

CSUN: Deaf Films Event

From: CSUN - Mar 15, 2005

The Deaf Studies Department at California State University, Northridge and Sorenson VRS are proud to host the very special Deaf film event in Los Angeles on April 7-9, 2005. The theme for this momentous program is "Hollywood Films and Deaf Films: Past, Present and Future."

Conceived as a three-day forum not only to encompass the trajectory of Deaf representation in, of and by the film industry but also to discuss the importance of Deaf-made movies, the event will be organized accordingly:

Day One: Highlights from past deaf films and films portraying deaf characters.

Day Two: Critique of films as well as on-stage interviews with selected deaf actors, filmmakers, and technical consultants working in the present industry.

Day Three: Addressing the future of deaf films via a series of round-table discussions on the collaborative efforts required to nurture and develop an empowered and influential Deaf part of the American cinema.

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