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March 1, 2005

Babies Communicating Through Sign Language

From: KSL-TV, UT - Mar 1, 2005

Kim Johnson Reporting

It used to be American Sign language was primarily for the deaf or hard of hearing. But more and more, sign language is being used to communicate with babies.

Through music and games Kim Borchert is teaching new parents a new language.

Kim Borchert, Owner "Look Who's Signing": "What I'm doing is teaching parents how to communicate with their hearing children through American Sign Language. I teach them signs because babies can communicate six to twelve months earlier using sign than they can verbally.

Every week Borchert expands their signing vocabulary. Necia Wiggins has been signing with her 10 month old son for two months.

Necia Wiggins: "This week my son started doing the signs for more and for food, and its been really exciting, just as he's eating that he's able to communicate to us what he wants."

BJ Minson: "He points around at things, and tells us when he wants up. It's kind of nice being able to communicate when he's not even close to be able to talk."

Kim Borchert: They can say, I want more cheese. I want a cookie. I want to play. They can tell their parents what they want and thats so exciting.

And parents apparently think so too. Borchert says her next session, which begins later this month, is already sold out.

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