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February 2, 2005

New Video service of use to the hard of hearing

From: IDS Telcom, LLC. - Feb 2, 2005

It seems like everyone is talking about video products these days. Our company, I-Stream/Vidrev has developed and produced a revolutionary new video-conferencing product and we would like to introduce you to. Please take a few moments to read the descriptions of the service below. If you will call any of the listed numbers at the end of the message, we will arrange for you and a friend to receive the software FREE OF CHARGE so that you can see for yourself how helpful the system can be.

VidPhone is software based service allowing peer-to-peer conversation, 11 person conference facilities and has a 500+ person broadcast ability for training sessions etc. You can use it worldwide from any location where broadband is available. It functions on regular broadband or wireless, making this the first truly global roaming system.

The product can be sold independently by agents or can be incorporated as a value added or stand alone product by a cable TV provider, a unified messaging concern, an ILec or CLec or an introductory service. Vidphone can also be an extraordinary tool for the hard of hearing. Possibilities for use are endless. Its unique benefits include the fact that its software driven and turns any PC or laptop into a video phone, no purchases (except for a small vidcam and headphones) are required. Its video is practically TV quality and can be used on big screen monitors or TV's. It works with wireless so it can be used at airports, Hotels, cafe's etc. and all of its features can be utilized while on the move. Coverage is worldwide, wherever broadband capacity exists. The various services can be sold separately or as a package incorporating only those which the user might require.

There are several versions of the Product:

Peer-to-Peer audio/visual communications Records sessions Takes snapshots (still pictures of participants) Browse Web Phone book (store numbers) Send Local Video Caller ID (see who is calling) Full Screen Capability Hi-Resolution Video.

Roaming audio/visual communications.
Records sessions.
Takes snapshots (still pictures of participants) Browse Web Phone book (store numbers) Send Local Video Caller ID (see who is calling) Records sessions Full Screen Capability Hi-Resolution Video.

Records sessions
Records sessions
Takes snapshots (still pictures of participants) Phone book (store numbers) Send Local Video Caller ID (see who is calling) Records sessions Full Screen Capability Hi-Resolution Video Unified Messaging Share Files Whiteboard Private rooms Hosting

5 registered users with 20 affiliate users.

10 registered users with 50 affiliate users.

Personal Assistant answers calls
Whisper feature (identifies caller for you) Voice Mail Voice mail via WAV file on email Programmable voice and e-mail (set times)
32 participant conference calls on the fly Personal reminder (never forget another date) Find me follow me Create up to 9 separate contact lists (Sales, engineering etc.)

Unified Messaging is a product that brings together all of your existing messaging services and in addition, offers a pro-active call control system which is managed by both simple voice commands, key pad input and a web interface. Using one single 800 number and a state of the art Personal Assistant, or PAT for short, your communications systems are handled to you in one package. Everything is included. Voice Mail, E-Mail, Conference Calls and other options that you may choose from.

* Your own 800 number. -Minutes charged at only $0.0590
* Virtual Personal Assistant. -Auto attendant Answer/Screens all of your calls for you. Never miss a call.
* Find me follow me. -Just let PAT know where you will be, she will forward your calls.
* Event reminders up to one year in advance. -Never miss another important date.
* Voice mail with pro-active advisory when messages waiting. -Text to voice. PAT calls you on phone, sends you an email and SMS whenever you have a message waiting.
* Email via phone. -Hear your emails on your telephone.
* Whisper. -Advises you of incoming calls when already speaking on telephone.
* Distribution lists. -Up to 9 different lists or departments.
Broadcast calls to all persons on the list at any time.
* Conference calls. -Speak with up to 32 people on the fly.

We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with a person in your organization who deals with Development so that we may discuss the ways in which this ready-to-go but as yet unreleased product, can help your particular business.

Please contact Tony Petrone or myself via any of the means listed below.

Thank you

Tony Petrone
IDS Telcom, LLC./Graycom, LLC.
Telephone (305) 612 4121
Cellular (305) 608 5628
Facsimile (305) 612 3028

Michael J. Merry
IDS Telcom, LLC./Graycom, LLC.
Telephone (305) 612 4118
Cellular (305) 613 2812
Facsimilie (305) 612 3028