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February 9, 2005

Dante Hall Theatre of the Arts Family Series presents National Theatre of the Deaf performance

From: NTD - Feb 9, 2005


139 N. Main Street

West Hartford, CT 06107

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*_FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE_* *Contact:* Pamela Holden, Director of Media

February 8, 2005 *Phone:* 860-236-4193 ext. 3015



*Hartford, CT, February 8, 2005*- Hartford based National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD), announces their 2005 season premiere of Little Theatre of the Deaf's (LTD) /Fingers Around the World/ at Dante Hall Theatre of the Arts in Atlantic City, NJ Sunday, February 20^th at 3:00 PM.

This series spans across all the continents of the globe. This season, LTD's first finger points to the mysterious Orient, featuring the Far East's adaptation of /Alice in Wonderland/. LTD actors, who recently taped shows for *Sesame Street*, take the audience on a journey into the Wonderland of the East with tidbits of culture and history for the young and young at heart. The audience meets old friends from Lewis Carroll's beloved classic, and is entertained by short folktales from different countries in the region. Distinguished by a unique theatrical style, the performances are in two languages- American Sign Language and spoken English. LTD has created a new dramatic art form, which speaks with voices of beauty and power- one for the ear and one for the eye. You Hear _and _See every word.

Founded in Connecticut in 1967, NTD productions provide the opportunity for the majority hearing community to be stimulated by the skills and artistry of the minority Deaf community. This continues to be the best vehicle to overcome stereotypes that exist regarding minorities. In thirty-eight years, there have been 64 national tours with visits to all 50 states, 30 international tours and over 7,000 performances; earning NTD its place in theatrical history as the _oldest, continually producing, professional touring theatre company in the United States. _

"As part of our goal to establish presence as Deaf artists, we at NTD are excited about the Dante Hall Theatre of the Arts hosting," said Dr. Paul L. Winters, Executive Director.

Unlock the mysteries of the Orient with Fingers Around the World. Tickets are $5.00, to purchase, call the Dante Hall of the Arts box office at (609) 344-8877


EDITOR'S NOTE: /Interviews with the creators and actors of LTD are welcomed. Please call Pamela Holden, Director of Media at 860-236-4193, ext. 3015 for arrangements./