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January 9, 2005

Why Teams From Brazil, Ghana And USA Should Be Entirely Disqualified From Ongoing 2005 Deaflympics

From: - Jan 9, 2005

Press Release – January 9, 2005


By Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas, CISS Ombudsman

Melbourne, Australia – The 20th Deaflympic Summer Games are on their fifth day of competitions and the M2005 Games Organizing Committee is continuing to stage this ongoing event as the best ever world-class-type event organizationally in the 81 year-old Games' history.

However, there is a major issue affecting these Games as well as the future of the CISS movement.

This issue should be given prompt and immediate attention ( and, hopefully, a swift action ) by all the responsible CISS Nation-Members.

The issue is that there are now at least three national delegations that are participating at the Games illegitimately and in a complete and blatant violation of the CISS legal system's rules.

These three countries are Brazil, Ghana and the USA.

Let's begin with the questionable status of the nation of Brazil.

By January 3, 2005, Brazil, by pulling out of its five different teams ( women's football, women's beach volleyball, men's handball, men's and women's volleyball ) from the 2005 Games' participation, was obliged to pay the $25,000.00 team withdrawal penalty fee to the CISS Treasury.

Brazil has not, however, done so yet.

Therefore, the Brazilians were ( and are still ) in violation of the rules of 8.2 of the CISS Constitution and 9.G of the Deaflympic Games Regulations.

Furthermore, the still-anarchically-administered organization of the CISS allowed Brazil's two athletes to march in the Opening Ceremonies of the Games. Now, these two athletes are a part of Brazil's only entry in men's beach volleyball at the Games.

The African nation of Ghana originally planned to send to the Games its 124-member delegation, but, just before the Games' start , it informed the M2005 Games Organizing Committee that they would put off their appearance at this quadrennial worldwide sports event for the deaf people.

Strangely and all of a sudden, on January 6, 2005, that is, a day after the January 5-superbly-organized Opening Ceremony festivities, 9 football players from Ghana showed up at the Melbourne International Airport.

Then, these nine players instantly made "a feat."

According to reliable reports, they all, fatigued from a long air flight, went directly out from the airport to the local football field to face a game against Italy. By the way, the Ghanians, by showing up with just 9 players out of required 11 on the field, were easily crushed by the Italians, the 2001 Games champions, by a score of 8 to 0.

Thus, the problem with Ghana was twofold:

a) for withdrawing of its three teams ( women's and men's volleyball, and men's basketball ) from the 2005 Games earlier, Ghana was supposed first to pay to the CISS its-required $15,000.00 team withdrawal penalty fee. This was ( and still is ) the basis of the rules 8.2 of the CISS Constitution and 9.G of the Deaflympic Games Regulations, and
b) by having just 9 players on its starting roster in a game against the mighty Italian team, the CISS handled this Ghanian matter ineptly and inhumanely.

Thus, the expulsion of the teams from Brazil and Ghana, let me repeat, was ( and still is ) based in strict observance of the CISS Constitution rule 8.2 and Deaflympic Games Regulations Rule 9.G

As for the third nation – the USA, now known as the Number One Abuser of the CISS legal system, the following should be reiterated.

Once again, the presence of this delegation at the Games is a highly–questionable one, period!

In the last five years the USA's representative in the CISS – United States Deaf Sports Federation ( USADSF ) - has completely been ignoring many various rules of the CISS legal system.

Specifically, to this minute, the USADSF has willfully and deliberately failed to pay various penalty fines to the CISS in spite of the fact that the organization of the CISS is still led by the two USADSF members and deaf anarchists – Donalda Ammons, its so-called newly-elected CISS President, and Jerald Jordan, Ammons' senior advisor.

Because the USA completely failed to observe nine different rules – that is, rules of 7.1.2, 8.1, 8.1.1,, and 8.2 of the CISS Constitution, and rules 8.C and 9.D of the CISS Deaf World Championships Regulations and rule 9.G of the Deaflympic Games Regulations before January 3, 2005, the full USA delegation at the 2005 Games now is supposed to be entirely disqualified from the 2005 Games' participation!

In retrospect, at the last Games – Summer one in 2001 held in Rome, Italy, and in Winter one in 2003, held in Sundsvall, Sweden - the USA illegally collected 70 and 15 medals ( including an aggregate of 27 gold ) at these two various Games, respectively.

In addition, many countries that are now competing at the Games, such as Germany, Sweden, Ireland and others, dutifully and responsibly paid off their penalty fees to the CISS for their previously violated CISS rules, including their teams' withdrawals, that is, on or before the start of the 2005 CISS Congress and Games.

What shall be done now in order to restore the long-awaited law and order inside the organization of the CISS and its whole Deaflympic movement? And how can the CISS leadership justify its own motto "EQUAL THROUGH SPORT" in the eyes of the whole world?

No question asked, Brazil, Ghana and the USA should now be barred from continuing in fielding of their respective teams at the Games!

Massive protests should be lodged by certain CISS Nation-Members, whose athletes and teams finished behind the USA in certain sports disciplines already contested at the Games in the last five days.

As of this minute, the USA has already won a total of 9 medals, including 3 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze.

All these earned medals should now be taken away and given out to the athletes and teams that finished behind the USA athletes in respective sports disciplines at the Games.

For example, Germany and other countries that had their cyclists competing at the January 6, 2005 1,000 meter Sprint Race should file their protest as one group against the USA by demanding the disqualification of Trevor Kosa who won the gold medal in the event. That is, before the protest filing the final standings in the 1,000 m Sprint Race are as follows,

1. Trevor Kosa, USA – gold medal
2. Gerald Mielke Weyel, Germany – silver medal
3. Luca Buontempo, Italy – bronze medal
4. Julius Matovcik, Slovakia
5. Jarrod Denman, Australia
6. Jan Capek, Czech Republic
7. Pavel Pastrnek, Czech Republic
8. Samo Petrac, Slovenia.

After the protest is being granted, the final standings in the event should be modified accordingly:

1. Gerald Mielke-Weyel, Germany – gold medal
2. Luca Buontempo, Italy – silver medal
3. Julius Matovcik, Slovakia – bronze medal
4. Jarrod Denman, Australia
5. Jan Capek, Czech Republic
6. Pavel Pastrnek, Czech Republic
7. Samo Petrac, Slovenia
8. Trevor Kosa, USA – disqualified.

Finally, on January 4, 2005, the CISS Congress had the darkest day in its history. Under the unusually intimidating circumstances ( it involved the services of the security men and massive presence of pro-Ammons lobbyists at the Congress premises ), the Congress chose its new President – Ammons – in an unconstitutional manner!

In lieu of the above, will our civilized world do something against the two individuals – Ammons and Jordan – who, through their usual tactics of suppression, intimidation, chicanery and manipulation , do still think that it is they ( not the CISS Congress, including many non-English-speaking delegates ) who "own" the CISS?

Or, should Ammons and Jordan, in the obvious interests of their personal ambitions and nationalism and to the detriment of the international deaf sports movement, continue to intransigently and biasedly maintain their pro-USA views in the CISS system, then sooner or later the organization of the CISS ( now called as the Deaflympics ) will be facing a mountain of new organizational, financial and legal problems in every direction!