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January 28, 2005

School For Disabled Children To Close Its Doors

From:, OH - Jan 28, 2005

Declining Enrollment Reason For Closure, Officials Say

POSTED: 3:48 pm EST January 28, 2005

CLEVELAND -- A Catholic school for developmentally disabled children in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood announced that it will be closing at the end of this school year.

OLA/St. Joseph Center has been educating children for 38 years. Officials said that the center's other programs and services for the deaf, mentally ill, blind and developmentally disabled will continue.

A decline in enrollment and the rise in per-pupil costs are the reasons cited for the closure.

"I'm greatly saddened," said Dennis McNulty, director for disability services and Catholic Charities. "I love this school."

There are currently 49 students enrolled in kindergarten through eighth grade, but 15 of them will graduate this year.

McNulty said only 33 were expected to enroll next year. He said the trend in special education has moved from self-contained schools to placing disabled students in mainstream classrooms.

The school is working with parents to find alternative schools to educate their children.

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