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January 3, 2005

Pinkhasov Pinchas Dumped From 2005 Congress Attendance In Melbourne.

From: - Jan 3, 2005

Press Release - January 3, 2005


Melbourne, Australia - Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas, a strong and ardent defender for equal and just rights for every deaf athlete in the world and recognized authority on the history of the CISS/Deaflympic Games, again had an unpleasant life experience.

Yesterday, at the direction of Donalda Ammons, the so-called CISS Interim President/ Secretary General, Pinkhasov Pinchas was prevented by the police and security men from attending as an observer at the 39th CISS Congress.

Pinkhasov Pinchas, by getting snubbed from participating at the Congress as an observer, sent out his hastily-written letter to all the CISS Executive Committee members ( except Ammons, whom Pinkhasov Pinchas does not recognize as a CISS official because she was elected to the position in the unconstitutional manner during the CISS Congress in 2001 ). In that letter, among the other things, Pinkhasov Pinchas asked the CISS Executive Committee members to explain in an immediate manner as to how to apply for the observer's status at the Congress, its requirements, and to provide ( in the event of that application denial ) the reason why he is not being permitted to attend the Congress as an observer. To this minute, the CISS has not presented any reply to that letter.

This is the second time Pinkhasov Pinchas is facing such an annoying, intimidating and discriminatory treatment, which is irresponsibly orchestrated by his lawsuit adversaries - Ammons and Ammons' "senior coach" and "Pinkhasov Pinchas-paranoid" Jerald Jordan. In 2003, during the 38th CISS Congress held in Sweden Pinkhasov Pinchas was dumped by the local police and security men from attending that Congress event.

On the other hand, new lawsuit papers were delivered to Ammons personally today at the 39th CISS Congress floor premises by the local security official via Herbert Grill, the delegate from Austria and current Vice President of the European Deaf Sports Organization.

Ammons, along with her deaf Russian accomplices - Nikolay Klimov, his son Slava Klimov, and his son-in-law Yakov Frenkel - is named as one of the four defendants in the property theft and defamation of character lawsuit before the Moscow, Russia, District Court. Felix Shlimovich and Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas are acting as the plaintiffs.

Meanwhile, tomorrow, there will be held the first ever CISS/Deaflympics presidential elections. Valery Rukhledev, a deaf Russian sports hero, is challenging Ammons, a deaf sports anarchist from the USA, for that position.

According to various reliable reports, at the Congress there is already massive presence of Ammons' backers, while Ammons herself, with covert backing of Jordan and Knud Sondergaard of Denmark ( he is Jordan's lifelong servant and die-hard loyalist ), has ordered the security men at the Crown Promenade Hotel, the site of tomorrow's elections, to prevent many Rukhledev's backers from entering the Congress premises today and tomorrow. The two prominent and long-time deaf sports figures in Europe - Werner Kliewer of Germany, Carlo Colarossi of Italy are already the ones who have intimidatedly been turned away by the security men from appearing at the Congress premises.

It was also witnessed by many Congress delegates, according to veriable reports, that Tiffany Granfors, the CISS-paid Home Administrator from the USA, and Jordan, the so-called CISS Honorary President for Life, are actively reaching out and clandestinely lobbying the Congress delegates from various countries to support Ammons and to act against Rukhledev.

In a very strange and suspicious development, Jordan, himself, was today chosen by Ammons to act as one of the 4 scrutineers ( i.e., vote counters ) during the Congress elections.

Thus, will Ammons, the anarchist, multiple lawsuit litigant, propery thief and liar, prevail over Rukhledev for the CISS Dealympics Presidency tomorrow? Will there be a vote rigging at the Congress tomorrow?

Again, let's wait and see as to what actually will happen tomorrow at the 39th CISS Congress floor premises.