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January 31, 2005

National Theatre of the Deaf Invites you to a Local Benefit Performance

From: NTD - Jan 31, 2005

Contact: Pamela Holden
Director of Media
National Theatre of the Deaf
Tel: (860) 236-4193 ext. 3015
Email: **


*Hartford, CT, January 31, 2005*- The West Hartford based, National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD), in cooperation with Saint Joseph College, announces their fund raising benefit featuring /Poetry In Motion/ performed by NTD’s own, Little Theatre of the Deaf. The performance will also include special guests,/ /Jonathan Edwards and the/ /Naugatuck Valley Community College Dance Ensemble. This 2005 West Hartford premiere will be held at the Carol Autorino Center’s Hoffman Auditorium at Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, CT on *Saturday, February 26^th at 7:30 PM.*

The Little Theatre of the Deaf’s (LTD) show, /Poetry in Motion,/ presents a new look at poetry as LTD actors make pictures in the audience’s mind as well as before their eyes. /See, Hear, /and /Imagin/e as poems take shape, sculpted out of the air. After /Poetry in Motion/, the program ends with “Your Game.” The audience is asked for a suggestion of a machine, an animal, or whatever else comes to mind. The actors then improvise the suggestion. LTD has been performing this piece for over 36 years.

Preceding /Poetry in Motion/, The Little Theatre of the Deaf is pleased to include as its special guests, Jonathan Edwards and Naugatuck Valley Community College Dance Ensemble.

Jonathan Edwards has a Bachelor of Music Degree from Berkley College of Music and a Masters Degree in Ethnomusicology from New York University. He has been playing professionally since 1973, and in that time has explored rock, blues, trance, world music, and various styles of jazz from bee-bop to free. Edwards has studied gamelan in Bali, bouzouki in Greece, taught improvisation in Melbourne, and facilitated drum circles in Los Angeles, CA.

Jonathan Edwards had this philosophy to share about music, “Listening to, studying and playing world music is one of the most enjoyable and exciting ways to be active part of the global community.”

Following Mr. Edwards, the performance will also include the Naugatuck Valley Community College 's unique, discreet dance program is housed in the Department of the Arts that also includes Visual Arts, Theatre Arts, Digital Design, Digital Arts and Music. Our mission in the Dance Department is to provide students with a broad base of cultural and historical knowledge as well as technique, pedagogy and repertoire in the various dance genres. The creative process is fostered by inclusion of production skills, the art of choreography, and performance opportunities. This foundation will prepare students to further their study, teach, choreograph, and/or perform. Graduates may seek employment in dance education, dance studios, community service organizations, and as production assistants, choreographers, teacher assistants, dance therapy assistants, and as dancers in the arts and entertainment industry. *Please visit *** * for more information.*

“As part of our goal to establish a local presence, we at NTD are excited about the joint programming with Jonathan Edwards, Naugatuck Valley Community College and Saint Joseph College,” said Dr. Paul L. Winters, Executive Director of The National Theatre of the Deaf.

Founded in Connecticut in 1967, the National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD) is the oldest continually producing and touring, professional theatre company in the United States. It is the first theatre company to perform in all 50 states, has toured to 32 countries, and has visited all seven continents. NTD’s professional acting company has both Deaf and Hearing Artists working as an ensemble. The audience sees and hears every word through the NTD’s signature performance style, which combines American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken English. The unique double-sensory experience has expanded the boundaries of theatrical expression and is considered to be the only new art form to be developed in the 20^th century.

Saint Joseph College (SJC) was founded in 1932 by the Sisters of Mercy to provide higher education opportunities for women. SJC has remained true to this vision, offering students solid professional training grounded in a tradition rich in liberal arts. Live arts experiences are an essential part of a liberal arts education. Since opening the doors, The Carol Autorino Center has become a vibrant part of the college community and the Greater Hartford arts scene. Performing arts events, family theatre events, art gallery exhibitions, performances by regional arts groups, and a host of college events now fill the Center calendar each week. Through its extensive programming options, The Center serves both the academic needs of the College and the cultural needs of the greater community.

Robert Smith, Director of the Carol Autorino Center said “The new Carol Autorino Center at Saint Joseph College is honored to be offering the distinctive performances and rich tradition of the National Theatre of the Deaf to Greater Hartford audiences."

Tickets for the performance will be available at the door, but to reserve seats, please contact the National Theatre of the Deaf office at 860-236-4193. Prices are $15 for adults, $12 for seniors, $10 for SJC faculty and staff and $5 for children and SJC students.


Pamela Holden >
Director of Media
National Theatre of the Deaf